Welcome to the Fat Five.

Edition four.

Vondoahe we are in Kortrijk in Nude, a hip Italian wine bar.

This edition is about bad candy, how you can optimize content for voice search and how you can turn Instagram jealousy into fantastic travel destinations.

For Americans, Halloween is very serious.

They go from door to door to do 'trick or treat' and request candy.

But sometimes you also get sweets that you absolutely do not want to eat and which also simply ends up in the cupboard and is thrown away a year later.

The Hershey Company, an American candy producer, found the ideal solution to eliminate the less popular candy.

They placed a vending machine on Halloween where it was less popular candy could be exchanged for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Fortunately the trade-in candy was not thrown away, but was divided among food banks.

A very tasty and well-found campaign.

Let's get technical.

By 2020, 50% of all searches we do will done through voice search.

That has a huge impact on content.

It needs to be tailored more to what people are asking.

The typical thing about voice questions is that they are much more detailed, rather long tail content.

It is therefore important to think carefully about those questions and also about the appropriate answers such that your answer is the only one that comes up with such a voice search.

Belgium is still a bit behind the US, for example, but know that the Dutch version of Google Home was launched in the Netherlands in October and probably, without a doubt, the number one Christmas gift at the end of the year.

When I am on Instagram, I sometimes see photos of people passing by and then I think of 'f ***, I want to go there someday'.

Well, from now on there is also a way to do that in a simple way with a few clicks.

Airline easyJet developed an app, which is called Look & Book and with that you can upload an Instagram photo and the geographic location associated with that photo can be used to find that destination and also to book the destination immediately.

That is very smart from easyJet because they realize that Instagram has meanwhile become the number one destination for travel inspiration.

The Native Advertising Institute was recently presented in Berlin by the Native Advertising Institute.

T Brand Studio, the native advertising department of the New York Times, scored again with fantastic work.

Together with jewelry brand Pomellato and strong women Anjelica Huston and Jane Fonda they celebrated International Women's Day.

They did that with a timeline on which different moments were set that were important for women in the fight for gender equality.

By coming up with content that has great significance for many women they go beyond the Pomellato brand and rightly earned gold at these awards.

The key question of many people is: "How do you really create content that works?" The golden formula of our creative director Frank at The Fat Lady is: "Make work that you are proud of.

" Not because you can win an award with it, that is always included, but because you bring something that actually benefits people.

Our recent work for UGent is such an example of proud work, we can say.

How are people still committed to human rights? Too little, it turns out.

This was the last Fat Five of 2018.

We will see each other again in 2019, without a doubt.

I wish you all the best and as they say in Kortrijk: "Joag it by the mouth.

" Santé!.