So something as serious as the impeachmentof a sitting president really shouldn't depend on yeah, on public opinion.

Um, there have been a two impeachments ofpresidents, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

Neither was ultimately convicted by the Senate,but it's still really serious stuff.

If impeachment is the right thing based onthe facts, both Republicans and Democrats should do it regardless of party and regardlessof public opinion.

Now that's idealism and it's not based inreality.

It's not the system that we have.

Our elected officials are highly partisanon what even is worthy of impeachment.

Uh, they're also completely influenced bywhat the public wants at any particular point in time.

And a really great example is to look at RichardNixon's resignation.

Nixon resigned because he was going to getimpeached.

He was going to get impeached because Democratsand Republicans in his own party, we're going to impeach him.

And there was bipartisan impeachment supportin the House and Senate because there was more and more public support from both sidesfor impeachment.

So that brings us to 2019.

And in Donald Trump's case in 2019, Republicans,at least for the time being, still don't want to impeach Donald Trump.

And Democrats do.

But support among independent voters has doubledsince May or almost doubled.

So, uh, since April rather back in April,14% of independence said we should impeach Donald Trump.

There's a new Marist, NPR, PBS news hour polewhere independent support for impeaching Trump has almost doubled from 14% in April to 23%now almost doubled in two or three months, two months.

This is huge for two different reasons andneither is that Trump is actually going to be impeached and removed before the Novemberelection.

He's not okay.

That's not the goal.

We should set our expectations correctly.

As I suggested we do a week or two ago, independencedoubling their support of Donald Trump being impeached is huge because it's pushed totalsupportive impeachment nationally over 50% to 52% that is huge.


This is starting to be a historical high.

52% of the country believes that the presidentof the United States should be impeached and removed from office.

That's massive and we have by and large independenceto thank for it because both Democratic and Republican support for impeachment has stayedroughly the same for several months.

The second reason that impeachment supportdoubling among independence is huge, is that it means independence themselves are movingaway from Trump for the 2020 election and that could end up making the difference interms of who actually wins in November of 2020 because we know that Democrats aren'tvoting for Trump.


We know Republicans are voting for Trump mostly.

I know that every election we say independence,so they're going to make it, how will they vote? All of that stuff.

They're really going to be the differencemakers.

If support for impeaching Trump doubles amongindependence, it is very reasonable to think that just a few percent of independence haveshifted from a Trump vote for 2022 eight not Trump vote in 2020 in the last couple of monthsand that's bad for Trump in 2020 and I want to backtrack one second here and refresh aboutif impeachment conviction isn't the goal, why is it that we want impeachment proceedings? The whole point here is to publicize the contentof the Mueller report.


The Mueller report found substantial evidencethat Donald Trump obstructed on eight of 14 counts that the Mueller report looked at.

We need public impeachment hearings.

We need testimony.

We need the content of the Mueller reportpublicized.

We need all of it.

It will not get Republicans to convict DonaldTrump and remove him before November of 2020 unless something incredibly unpredictablehappens.

I just don't see it happening.

It will, however, pierced the echo chamberof those who believed the entire bar letter.

No collusion, no obstruction, propaganda talkingpoint.

Most people in the Fox News bubble have noidea how disastrously damaging the content of the of the Mueller report was.

Because most people in the Fox News bubble,and by the way, a lot of Americans in general haven't actually read the content of the Muellerreport.

Impeachment hearings will expose that it was77,000 votes in three states that led to Donald Trump at defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016those impeachment proceedings and starting with the inquiry, most importantly, shouldstart right away.

And all of this information should be publicized.

If you think I'm wrong, let me know.