Padraig O Brion is that a wig? Padraigthank you for your comment no I can confirm it's not a wig and although insome videos I do agree view my hair is quite perfect specimens usually when I'mdoing a haircut it does get quite fluffy I have very thick hair so thankfully Idon't need a wig not yet but you never know hey guys welcome to another episodeof responding to your comments this time we're filming it outdoors because theweather is pretty good so what we're waiting for let's dive into yourcomments Lewis girl do you have any tips on how to treat sunburn I live inAustralia and have really bad sunburn right now thank you for your commentthis is a very serious topic actually I'd say the most important thing thatyou first need to do is prevent yourself from getting sunburned because it's veryserious if you get sunburned I think if I'm correct if you get some but onceevery two years actually triples your risk of melanoma skin cancer which isvery very serious so I can't actually stress the importance of this nowsunburn isn't just when your skin is really red and peeling okay because alot of people have this wrong idea of what sunburn is sunburn can also be justwhen your skin is red and pink that is also classified as sunburn and if youhave darker skin your skin might not be red but it might be irritated intendedsearch this is also classified as sunburn so the most important thing youcan do is prevent it I did a video a long time ago on some creams and how toprevent getting some but I leave a link somewhere here they'll pop up but interms of what to do when you have some burn first thing you need to do is goout son of course next thing you need to do really is cool your skin so go for acold shower try using a damp cold cloth and holding on the areas to cool theskin you can also use like sprays and creams which contain aloe verathat's very good at doing that as well and another thing that you will have ispossibly a dehydration so dehydration is a big thing when you when you'resunburned your skin is damaged so make sure you drinking plenty of fluids andif you are still in pain then visit your pharmacy and get some painkillers whichcan help as well but the most important thing is that you need to prevent it soplease please please try and prevent it korea skin more and watch the videogives you loads of different tips on what to do because I can't really stressthe importance of how dangerous sunburn is chicken little I got a bee sting inthe mouth while drinking Cola what will happen I was outside chicken littlethank you for your comment I hope you're okay and recovered nowthis this comment is from a few months ago by more interested in it in this bewhy did it come from was it in the cup did it come in whilst you it you weredrinking so I flew in and then what happens it to be that did it like flyback out or did you spit it out let me know because that I'm actuallyquite intrigued to find out Patricia Bennett I appreciate all your videos isit possible for you to tell me about the four itis eye conditions the doctor saysit's reoccurring thank you for your video and blessings and greetings andhugs Patricia thank you for your comment thank you for always coming on my videosactually and all the support you've always given me from from day one reallyI think blepharitis a blepharitis is a long-term medical condition it does areally good way it fits the edges of the eyelids where they become inflamed nowthere are things that you can do to prevent it sore from from coming backyou can sort of keep it under control and this is called good eyelid hygienenow the whole process it takes a bit of time to learn how to do it it's allabout hot compresses it's about cleaning it properly and massaging it but I didmake a video about this a couple of months ago which I'll leave a linksomewhere here for anyone to watch it's really useful it tells you everythingyou need to do and I hope it helps gaming gcy t I always get motionsickness because I was playing phone on a car any tip how to cure gaming GCthank you comment I mean you kind of said the answer in your question don'tplay on your phone it's pretty simple I'm the same as well whenever I use myphone in the car from a passenger and I get on my phone that's it I straightaway I get motion sickness and I'll feel really ill and I stop talking toeveryone and I'll go into my own little zone to try and try and get back to myown normal self so stay off the phone speak to everyone the car have a goodtime socializes them it'll be actually good for you I think Hashim Khan dearAbraham the pharmacist can you do a video about your everyday life I'minterested to see what you get up to away from the white coat Hashim thankyou for your comment as you can see I'm never away from the white coat I'malways wearing here in terms of what I do well I'm a massive lover of coffeeI like good coffee we visit Rome quite often and if anyone else visits Rome goto a place called sanest a shoe it's it's probably one of the mostfamous coffee shops and they do the most amazing coffee or blow your mind andmaybe get me a bag of coffee beans as well and send it to me I'd love thatI'm also very active and sporty I run pretty much every day usually aboutthree to five miles it makes me feel good I feel energized after a runsometimes I have run like twice a day as well but I start to cut that down aswell I play a lot of squash I play squash quite competitively and in thewinter we do a lot of winter sports me and my brother have always been keenskiers we used to ski probably once or twice a year but now recently beensnowboarding the past few years and I took the honest I prefer that so that'sa bit about me away from the white coat and that's the end of this week'sepisode thank you for all the comments I'm really enjoying this interactionthat we've got going on on YouTube we're getting over 2,000 comments per month soif I missed you a question or didn't get back to you leave another comment andI'll try and get back to your next week's responding to your commentsplease also don't forget to subscribe and click that bell burn which tellsYouTube that you enjoy my content and you want to see more see you next weekhey guys thanks for watching this week's videomake sure to click that like follow or subscribe button now to stay up to datewith new weekly videos.