Tis the season of beaches and bikinis andunfortunately, sunburns.

We all know by now that the sun is terriblefor your skin, but one woman’s story will make you put on sunscreen every chance youget.

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Everybody likes a healthy glow every now andagain.

I feel like the vast majority of people lookbetter with a bit of a tan.

But you can still get a tan without damagingyour skin.

Always wear sunscreen, or buy some gradualtan lotion.

Your face will thank you in the long run.

Otherwise, you might end up like Kaitlin Menza,the woman who’s face is ruined forever from just one sunburn.

Kaitlin always cared about wearing sunscreen,until one day about 5 years ago, where she was feeling a bit lazy.

She laid out in the sun a little too longand got a mild sunburn.

She applied aloe vera, extra moisturizer andrefrained from touching the burn.

But this sunburn didn’t go away.

In fact, it began to change into somethingelse altogether.

It went from red to brown that she had tocover with foundation.

Its been 5 years, and her skin is still pigmentedfrom that one mild sunburn.

Her cheeks and forehead are permanently sundamaged.

Melasma is actually a very common skin condition,it affects mostly women between the ages of 20 and 50 years old.

Now, this wont happen to absolutely everyonebut here’s what happened with Kaitlin.

She went to the dermatologist and he toldher that she had melisma.

The exact cause of it is still unknown, butMelasma is a skin condition that’s believed to be caused by hormones like estrogen.

It causes your pigment cells to become hypersensitive.

Scary thing…eve though melasma usually onlyoccurs during pregnancy, it can actually happen to you when you’re taking certain birthcontrol pills.

Another thing that may have caused this isKaitlins ethnic background.

Shes part irish, leaving her with type oneskin.

Irish people are pale, the palest there is,and extremely sensitive to the sun.

That being said, other ethnicities are proneto melasma, including people with olive or darker skin like Hispanics Asians and peoplefrom the middle east.

In order to avoid it, experts advise to literallywear sunscreen all day, even when you’re inside, and spf 30 or higher.

Reapply every 2 hours, and also wear a widebrimmed hat when you’re outside.

If anyone makes fun of you for wearing a lamefedora, they wont be making fun of you when they have melasma and you don’t.

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