So now, Dr.

Jewell is going to address theissue a little bit about when we're out in the sun and we're feeling our skin gettinghot and it's about to turn into a sunburn.

Of course, prevention is the way to go, butsometimes we do go out in the sun and we forget or we get sunburned.

There are several productsout there or several things that you can do to help the sunburns.

Also, you need to noticethe level of sunburn because there's third degree burning, second degree burning.

Thirddegree burning is the worst and that's when you go straight to the ER.

First degree burningis what most people experience from sun tanning too long.

If you feel that your skin.

Firstof all, you notice that it's red.

It’s little bit painful.

There are several products outthere.

I recommend getting products that has aloe vera.

Here I've got a product that'saloe vera gel.

You can get cream, you can get sprays, different formulas that you canbuy.

Aloe vera has a cooling affect.

Kind of menthol, eucalyptus kind of effect.

Niliif you want to try some.

What you do is you just put it over the areas that you feel isgetting burned or is burned.

It has that sort of cooling effect.

Is it important to findone with a low alcohol level? Yes, especially if you have dry skin because alcohol is goingto dry your skin even more.

So it has a low alcohol content or no alcohol content thatwould be better.

I know there are also organic shops where you can buy organic made products.

This feels nice.

It feels good doesn't it? Very good.

Very cooling.

It's only temporary.

Will it stop the sunburn from progressing? No, the only way you're going to stop thesunburn from progressing is if you get out of the sun.

This is only going to eliminatethat temporary feeling of pain.


The other important thing is that when you knowthat you have a sunburn, no matter the degree of sunburn, you need hydrate yourself.

Outin the sun you are always perspiring and you're losing a lot of water so you need to alwaysdrink lots and lots of water.

Take lots of water with you to the beach, especially ifyou know you have experienced sunburn then you drink lots of water to hydrate yourselfand hydrate your body.

Very important.

Yes, that's real important.