– All right, we're doingour morning routine this morning for you guys.

Who just stinkered?! (child laughing) Sometimes I feel like ourvlogs are a little too real.

Go get the garbage.

– Wait.

– Oh, my gosh! Go get the garbage! – Oh, no, no, Julie! – Is my job to read? – [Ruby] No, that is not your job.

(smooth upbeat music) Aww.

I might have rugrats andnincompoops for sons, and daughters, but I sure have good kids.

I love them.

(smooth upbeat music) (instrumental jazz music) (electronic beat over jazz music) Look who came and snuckinto bed with me last night.


Wake up.

I'm not gonna let you sleep in all day.

Russell is so excited, hegot up bright and early, and got all dressed, all ready, I think you're even wearing cologne.

Are you? – Yeah.

– [Ruby] (laughs) That's what I thought.

Do you just love tennis? Good morning from the ghostof Ruby's past, I look.

I put a little bit of foundation on, and all my color went away,so I gotta put some blush and lipstick on so myface comes alive again.

But I shared with you my favorite hairdo, especially for summer, you braid it.

You braid it before you go to bed.

If your hair doesn't curlas easily as mine does, then just braid it wet in the morning, wear your hair braided all day long, sleep on it, and then the next day, take it out and put a little hair gel on the wet hair before you braid it.

Anyway, my hair, I love it, I love it, because it literally takes like30 seconds to fix your hair.

I've been fixing my hair likethis since I was, like, seven.

All right, we're doing ourmorning routine this morning for you guys, our summer routine.

Let's go check on Eve.

What?! I'm shocked! You guys are awake?! What are you doing?! Chad, you're supposed to begetting ready for football.

This is disgusting.

– I'm okay.

– [Ruby] This is whatyou're eating for breakfast? – No.


– [Ruby] In addition to breakfast.

– Yes.

– [Ruby] 'Kay, I want you to go to go make your bed, get ready.

– Okay.

– [Ruby] Shower, for heaven's sakes.

– I do, every day, mother! – All right, so, I told Chadif he would stay vigilant in working out, and he doesn'tneed any motivation from me, he wants to himself,I would be the driver.

I'm driving him and his friends– – [Chad] My friends need the motivation.

– To the gym every day.

He did a little funny video on his channel motivating his friends toeat healthy and exercise, pretty funny, on hischannel, over at Chad Franke.

So I'm.

There's a few kids I'mnot accounting for here.


And Abby– – [Julie] Are gone.

– Are gone, they are at girls' camp.

So the only other girl Ihave to account for is Eve.

(peaceful music) Look at this.

Look how sweet.

I don't know what was up last night, but everyone wanted to sleep with mom.

And Eve came in andtold me she was scared.

And I told her, go back to bed.

And she was like, I'm scared.

And I said, well, go sleep in Shari's bed.

Shari won't let me sleep inthere, she never lets me! Every time I try, she gets mad at me! And I said, Shari's not home.

So looks like she pickedAbby's bed to sleep in.

And I braided her hair too.


– Today do we have church? – [Ruby] No church today.

– Then what do we do today? – [Ruby] What do we do today? – Yeah.

– [Ruby] Um.

I don't know.

– [Julie] Tennis? – [Ruby] Tennis? Do you wanna come watchthe kids play tennis? Yeah? 'Kay.

(smooth piano music) (birds chirping) (electronic beat over piano music) Make your bed, come on.

I brought you up here to make your bed.

– Ow, that hurts! My belly, no.

Oh, that felt good, that felt good! For like the half-second.

No wait, wait, wait.

Go back to what youwere doing after, oh.

No, not right there, mom! (laughing) Ow, mom, stop! Just do what you were doing before! (electronic piano music)(birds chirping) – If you ever struggle withteenagers not liking you, not wanting to be aroundyou, which often happens when you're a parent, offer them.

A head scratch.

Or a back scratch.

Chances are very likely they won't refuse.

Huh! That's what saved us, huh? – Ow, my ear.

– Yes.

Yes! But I just wanna go.

– Ow! – Ape on you.

– You're, like, abusing me! (laughs maniacally) – Zack was wearing thesefor a video.

(laughs) You have to go watch our video, guys.

If you wanna see myfriend in these, (laughs) go watch the video.

(snort-laughs) (sizzling) (birds chirping) – [Ruby] What is yourguys' favorite breakfast? – (mumbles) pasta with pork.

– Pancakes! – Waffles! – Pancakes or waff.

No, french toast.

– [Ruby] Well we haven't hadfrench toast in a long time.

– [Eve] Pancakes! – [Ruby] Chad, what'syour favorite breakfast? – I actually don't know, I like 'em all.

– I don't always do a full-out breakfast for the kids every day, but I try to do it at least a couple times a week.

And when they're not eatinga hot, cooked breakfast, then they're eating coldcereal, granola, or like.

Toast and a hard-boiled egg that I.

I'll show you what I do.

So I will come home with my eggs, and I put 'em in theselittle things, and then.

I always have more eggsthan can fit in there, so I boil them, and I put 'em in here.

So the kids, they all knowthat they can grab a snack, and they can have an egg anytime.

And then they like to put with, like.

Cubed cheese, or a slice of cheese.

Lately, the kids' favorites,I know you love these, Chad.

– [Russell] Oh, I love those! – [Ruby] My kids love these.

– I haven't tried them.

– I hate them.

– [Ruby] What?! – Can you give me one, can you give me.

– [Ruby] They are these mozzarella balls.

– [Russell] I love those things.

– [Ruby] They come in a pack of three.

– They're just satisfying to eat.

– I wanna know what you guyslike to eat for breakfast! Sometimes.

Who just stinkered?! (child laughing) Who stinkered at my breakfast table? (children laughing) Sometimes I feel like ourvlogs are a little too real.

– This is so hot.

– For taste.

– [Russell] It is so good.

– It's a little disgusting,but I do want to know what you guys have for breakfast, because it gives me ideas.

But you can't comment.

I'm still trying to get thatcomment section back, you guys.

– [Chad] Just DM her.

– Yeah, I have gotten moreDMs, and my Instagrams have.

More people come to the Instagram to talk, so I do appreciate that.

All right, so we're about to go to tennis.

Chad did not want to goto tennis, totally fine.

He's busy enough doing football.

But Russell likes to do tennis.

– [Russell] Yes! – Julie, Abby usually does tennis, but since she's at girls' camp, she won't be there today obviously.

But before we do, I giveeveryone a job to do.

They obviously have to make their beds, brush their teeth, fix their hair.

– [Russell] I did that.

– And then I'm gonna give you a job.

And if we all do those things, the house usually stays prettytidy throughout the summer.


So your job is to, in thebasement, there are flour buckets.

I want you to take the flour.

– Just the flour? – Dump it into a trash bag, 'cause the flour's startingto smell kinda bad.

– Just the flour? – Then take the fresh flour,and dump it into the bags.

– Where's the fresh flour? – Next to the buckets.

– I'm gonna drop a ton of flour.

– And then the flour bags, when you're done with them,put them in the trash.

Your job is to take thetrash cans from outside and bring them up.

No, not that.

The dumpster– – [Julie] I'll do that.

– The garbage cans outsideneed to be taken in.

– [Russell] Yeah, no, (mumbles).

– Go get the garbage– – Wait, wait! – Oh, my gosh! Go get the garbage! – [Russell] No, no, Julie! – [Ruby] Julie, get back here.

Go take the garbage cansand bring them back inside.

– Okay.

– [Ruby] Yeah, that's your job.

– [Russell] Okay, I got it.

– Is my job to read? – [Ruby] No, that is not your job! But you do need to go practice the piano.

– Right now? – [Ruby] Go practice the piano.

(smooth electronic music) – Zz.


– Okay.

– I did a (mumbles).

– While Russell and Julie are working out with their tennis instructor, I came home to get my makeup done, toget Eve's hair finished getting ready, and then weshould all be ready for the day.

(smooth electronic music) All done! You're all ready! – Makeup! (laughs) (pop music playing on the radio) – We are going to pick up my friends, and we're gonna go pumpsome iron and be big guys.

– [Ruby] And your mom's driving,and you think she's cool.

– My mom's the cool mom.

Not only does she have a HydroFlask, but she has one of thoseelephant-slash-rhino backpacks that all the girls wear.

And she took my AirPods, so.

(car door dinging) – How's it goin'.

– [Ruby] Hello, Brendan.

Good morning, Garrett.

– Good morning.

(laughing) (upbeat electronic music) – [Ruby] Bye, boys.

– Bye.

Want me to text you? – [Ruby] I'm thinking an hour? More? – A little more than than.

– [Ruby] Okay, like an hour and a half? – Yeah.

– [Ruby] I just have ahair appointment at noon, so we may have to do the food and the garage when I get back.

– Okay, perfect.

– [Ruby] Bye.

– Bye, adios.

– [Ruby] Love you.

Love you too, son.


I might have rugrats andnincompoops for sons, and daughters, but I sure have good kids.

I love them.

Garrett, what do you need? – Oh, I forgot my pass.


– Bye.

The neighbor kids are pretty good too.

All right, so my morningroutine has just ended.

It is now 9:50.

I like to have most ofmy morning work done before 10 o'clock, that.

Because from here on out,it's gonna take me twice, triple, quadruple the amountof time to do anything, because it's getting hot, I get tired, so if most of my work isnot done in the morning, it just doesn't get done.

(sighs) And now I'm readyto hit the rest of my day.

I do say, if you are a mom, and you have youngchildren, hang in there.

I know you are probablysick of hearing me say this, or maybe you're dying tohear me say it again, but.

It gets easier.

My evening routines have gotten easier as my kids have gottenolder, my morning routines have gotten easier asthey've gotten older, and you guys know thatwe're a real family.

We deal with real teenage stuff.

We don't share 100% of it with you, but we try to share, forthe most part, most of it.

And you know that it is not rainbows and butterflies at our house.

But in spite of that, it'sstill easier, so hang in there.

Toddlers, and children, andbabies, they're just hard.

They're so hard! 'Kay, love you guys.

We'll see ya' later, bye.

(upbeat music).