Magic is real here farawayfromhome Anything can happen Witches make the rules monsters Wanna stay with you on summer camp I learned How are we on time an hour is three minutes Not again, huh? Sure mixing these two chemicals will make visits shrink, but I can't get the right ratio to make it permanent Yep, I gotta go meet my day But thanks for trying What I'm not done trying the science fairs tomorrow and I'm completely obsessed with solving this problem Hedgehog I got this, huh Oscar.

I'll go find you a new guinea pig.

I Think there's something stuck on my shoe Max help me up this table I need to do science.

Okay, here's a crazy idea futile teensy to science I will never be too teensy to science I know this is important to you, but you've been working nonstop for days It might not hurt to take a little break a break think about something else for a while I'll take a break when I fix the problem.

I Never noticed this tiny high school a school I can science there Hedgehog.

What about your flank? Good news guys.

I've been rubbing Donuts on my face real hard, so we should be seeing some fresh snips pretty soon guys Huh? Hey guys Oh Butter goth you're gonna melt some hearts Cinnamon raisin toast reporting live from food.

Hi, I'm here with resident Nonconformist Johnny cannoli Johnny in your cool Chi opinion just popular banana split.

No I exist He knows nerds exists So there's hope for me it I gotta go to hear Bob cinnamon.

Hello Does anybody know where the science lab is the new students? Tell me as a high school fresh foods Should I ask the captain of the football team popular banana split to prom I should right? Where's your science lab? There's no lab.

This is a non GMO school what what am I gonna do my brain needs to fix this problem now look, You really think popular could love a nerd like me You're just saying that this popular must be an interesting guy No, but he's very gorgeous and I'm completely in love I'm so obsessed with the idea I'm going to prom with him that it's become more important than my lifelong dream of becoming the food world's top investigator I Just can't stop thinking about his creamy crystalline face drizzled with a hot gooey chocolate I don't get it, but I do know what it feels like not to be able to stop thinking about something That guy, whoa, I got it.