You really love pancakes I mean if you love the King the Kings a really good pancake Oh Make me look happy We're back great.

Did you find the hoarder? Well part of us something to tell you They're going in the machine Just give me a second.

Okay? I'm nervous just me.

Okay, okay Thanks for coming everyone and a special thanks to puddle for bringing emotions back to our planet I cannot tell you what this means to me literally because nothing means anything right now, so, please pull the switch It's time portal its bonus rips.

No I just wanted to say that I really hope you guys will appreciate your feelings when you get them back and not hiding them away because Might not get another chance to share them with the people you care about So before our friend here pulls the lever on this very dangerous machine.

I want to get something off my chest I love You are king of my world and of everyone else's I The Dimensions are would annoy you in another time Cuz you're more than Mikey Mikey the wish man in my dream holding here two Guys and – I'm sorry.

I took so long.

It's ok.

I love you puddle You know what I love Austin is it me no, it's pancakes.

Oh Just kidding.

It's you and pancakes bear Hedgehog.