We better get to work I Now pronounce you wedded Josh's Gonna take off.

Yeah, me too This one is the saddest Guys we need to go back to my place and charge the imam leader Don't move until we get back today was a bad day to buy ice cream Wow It's so beautiful But why is nobody here this used to be the most popular place on the planet? Now they just don't care anymore Just planets so nice and none of you are able to enjoy it.


It's the same diner today Did you just we need to get going? hmm So this is my place I love it just in time for the show clip make yourselves at home Are you guys whispering about nothing I just really thirsty I only have plenty waynebow faculty.

Is that okay? I Was trying to tell you that Paula knows parkour no puddle didn't step in front of thermometer module is the hoarder hmm What's puddles evil plan? There must be an evil dossiers somewhere maybe under these evil Underpants.

Hi Okay, are you sure puddle is the hoarder though and we're not just being rude I mean they're making a Swami waynebow sparkle tea Boys an Oscar and Hedgehog.



I'll COO this if you're gonna snoop snoop properly Top secret do not open Get away from my tapes What's your evil plan puddles a coup to overthrow the king No, then what I What Just look at these mixtapes best songs to cry about the king two for hypothetical jams Painfully revealing love song to never give the King So all of the emotions on the planet are trapped inside you because you haven't told the king how you feel I tried to tell the king so many times but if I tell the king and he doesn't like me, I'll die What? I don't mean literally but it could be worse the King might not wanna hang out with me anymore.

Oh You know puddle the other day was in the mess hall I Really wanted ask for some extra pancakes, but I was afraid the lunch monster would say no So I didn't ask but then Hedgehog over here asked more pancakes and she gave them to her What's your point? Well, thanks to hedgehogs courage.

I'm not afraid to ask for extra pancakes anymore I know it's super scary, but it's so worth the risk being honest about what you love especially.