Magic is real here farawayfromhome Anything can happen which just makes the rules I wanna stay with you on summer camp Islands Huh its face my pajamas Oscar hi Why are you freaking out? Oh, I've been up for like 20 minutes.

So, you know what's going on? Not really there was like 19 and a half minutes of me shrieking that you slept through whoa, look Hey, have a good time on me Everything you see it's on me meet some Fire feet it's all Everything is so cute.

We must be on aliens planet.

Oh I can't get over.

How adorable you guys are.

Oh Please don't touch the king.

I miss hours and usual.

Looting you.

Oh, sorry, cutie Puddle I thought we just needed one.

I wanted to bring you a selection You know me so well, I do love choosing between two things now scan them.

Okay, boss This one's a 5/5 Skin me again.

I can do better than five.

Yeah, she's totally greeted chests.

Wait What are you scanning for this one day nine.

All right.


He's far more emotional cinder.

Ah Wait together, there's enough lamb Lucent if the entire population, okay, they can both stay.

Yeah We can fit two people in the machine right? Wait what? What's going on It's simple really from this planet emotions are a limited resource So we have to show them.

It's not without its quirks But our system ensures that everyone has the most when they need one until recently Someone has been secretly hoarding all the emotions on the planet taking in emotions But not expressing them back out into our emotional Ecosystem leaving no emotions for the rest of us And that's will you come in we're going to drain you guys it will all your feelings so that we can share your emotions Just in time for my birthday party.

Oh And unfortunately when your emotions for each other get sucked out you guys won't be best friends anymore.

I Am truly sorry to do this to you, but my kingdom is suffering.

I hope you can forgive me.

No Wait, we'd like to help you.

But we'd also like to keep our emotions I'm not done being best friends with Hedgehog.

If we find this alien that's hoarding the emotion then will you let us keep ours? Oh, yes, that would be so much better.

This machine is really unsafe Please find the hoarding before my party as I would like to not put you back in It puddle helping them find the hoarder should have sinking Okay, goodbye so sad to see the aliens this way all these really emotional moments are being severely under experienced Oh, Cuddle, can we use your oh mama dur.

I think we can use it to find the emotion order I am the only one who should fight to operate it Anyway, there's like five million aliens on this planet, so you'll never find them well.