Hello, I'm Cherie Ashwood.

I'm a guidancecounselor, and today I'd like to talk with you about how to get your student loans consolidated.

'Consolidated' means lumped together, and you may find that you.

You have taken outstudent loans to.

Towards the benefit of your education, that what you actually haveis several different loans that have been awarded to you, either each semester, or eachyear.

The interest rate on these loans may all be different, based on whatever the primerates were at the time that you were awarded the loan.

There are several different companiesthat will offer you student loan consolidation.

And what basically they do is buy your loan,or loans, from your original lender.

And, usually they try and offer you either a periodof deferment, where you can delay payments, or a lower interest rate.

I personally haveseveral student loans that I've had consolidated, and I have a beautiful, low interest rateof something like 3.

5 percent.

It gives you a lower monthly payment, and a lower loanamount that I'll end up paying in the end when I finally do get them paid off.

Studentloan consolidation is a very good idea.

Also to be offered a fixed interest rate.

Sometimesyour other student loans may be on variable interest rate.

And as that interest rate varies,so does your payment.

So, as soon as possible, and a lot of companies will consolidate yourstudent loans even before you graduate, you want to find a good, reputable student loanconsolidation company and get your loans consolidated.

I'm Cheri Ashwood.

I'm a guidance counselor,and your future starts today.