I’m Jeff Harman I’m a debt advisor withConsumer Debt Counselors here in the Winter Park Florida office today to talk to you aboutStudent Loan Debt Advisory Services and what that looks like.

I want to address this because a lot of peopleare getting a lot of bad information that student loan debt relief that all it is isconsolidation.

A lot of companies out there all they want to do is get your informationput you in consolidation and tell you that that’s the best thing for you.

And I’mhere to tell you that that’s not true.

The goal of true student loan advisory servicesshould be to help you make sure that you leave no stone unturned.

That you do a comprehensiveholistic review of all the scenarios of all of your debt to see what options are out therefor you to help you find relief on your student loans.

How it should start is you should start bytalking to somebody to help you to understand that the goal is to provide peace of mindthat whatever decision you make you know that you’ve looked at all your options.

Too many people today are jumping straightto a quick fix of consolidation and they’re missing out on many other opportunities suchas cancellation and forgiveness.

And they’re also sometimes making theirnew loans impossible for them to be consolidated for a future basis.

The goal of student loan advisory serviceis to make sure that we help you feel comfortable in the decision that you make.

What we dois we go through all of your debt all of your situation so that at the end we provide youwith a packet of information.

We don’t try to hide anything from you.

We give you theoptions that you should choose, step by step directions on how to do it.

Let you know theforms that you’re supposed to fill out and where you’re supposed to send them.

We want to give each person that comes tous the opportunity and empower you to do it on your own.

Now a lot of our clients chooseto allow us to do it for them because they either don’t have the time or they don’tfeel comfortable filling out the forms and going through the process themselves.

It’scompletely up to you.

But at no time should you ever feel pressuredby any agency that they have to do it for you or that you should pay large sums of moneyjust to do a quick consolidation.

Before you make any decision on your studentloan debt relief make sure that whoever is working with you has walked you through everysingle possible scenario and every single option out there so that again you have thepeace of mind knowing that whatever solution you’re choosing is the best for you.

Again my name is Jeff Harman.

I’m a debtadvisor with Consumer Debt Counselors it’s been my pleasure to speak with you today.