Are you tired of making cold calls, longsales cycles and facing rejection? Perhaps you're tired of the gridlock andthe traffic that you have to fight to get from one potential client to thenext.

Are you tired of just working for someone else and working hard and nevergetting ahead for a salary? In this video we're going to talk about how you canchange all of this by starting an online business.

When you get home are youexhausted? You've been dealing with clients, client problems, client'ssituations and when you get home you feel guilty.

You just don't have theenergy to engage with your family and over time this takes its toll.

And thenyou look back and say why didn't I make a change? Thankfully there are betterways to earn a living.

We remember the moment that wediscovered this.

We are executive recruiters and for years we had workedreally hard.

The only thing is, we were tired of filling the pipeline and doingsales calls and our business was not scalable.

We kept doing the same thingsday after day expecting different results.

W wanted to travel more.

Wewanted to spend more quality time with our family and we knew that if we keptdoing the same things over and over again our health would suffer, ourrelationships could suffer and we would be filled with regret.

Life was passingus by.

So one day we were watching some self-help motivational videos on YouTubeand we came across this guy Dan from the UK and like us he was tired of fillingthe pipeline.

He was tired of doing the same thing day after dayand he wanted personal freedom as well.

He was tired of working for someone else.

Dan started an online business from scratch without any previous experienceand any technical knowledge.

Dan now runs a successful business where he no longerhas to cold call.

He no longer trades time for money andhe no longer works for someone else.

So Adrienne and I reached out to Dan and Dansent us a video series and this video series introduces Stuart Ross and Stuartis Dan's mentor.

Stuart talks about how anyone with the right mindset can starttheir own online business from scratch.

I admit we were skeptical at first but wedecided to watch the videos anyway and form our own opinions and we are sureglad we did because these videos changed our lives.

Today we're at the same pointin our journey.

If you're curious as to how to start an online business fromscratch we'll send you the same videos that Dan sent us at no charge, this ishow we got started.

So you will find a link somewhere around this video thatwill take you directly to our website where we will ask you to type your nameand your email address.

Once you do we will send these videos directly to yourinbox.

So if you're someone that's willing to learn new skills, willing toput in the effort and wanting to live a life of freedom we strongly recommendyou watch these videos.

Only you can decide if the time is right and if thisis something for you.

This is what we did and it is the bestdecision that we have ever made.

We look forward to meeting you on the other side.

Bye for now Bye for now.