starting in business in 2019 is dauntingespecially when there's so many web sites out there that are trying to trickyou and take your hard-earned money that's why today we're gonna start abusiness in under five minutes what's going on guys my name is David Tomicfrom welcome back to the channel today we're gonna be talking about how tostart a business in Australia in 2019 before you're ready to call yourself anofficial business in Australia there are four things that you need to achievebefore you click off this video one you need to set up your tax file number twoyou're going to want to have a business name registered three you're gonna needan Australian business number set up or potentially an ACN not an AVM and fouryou're gonna need a domain name if you want to compete you 2019 chances are ifyou've clicked on this video you probably already have an australian taxfile number setup which is great you can skip straight step two I'm gonna link itright here that's the time stamp if you want to check it out however if youdon't have me show the tax part number set up I'm gonna link it down below inthe description to make it easy for you guys because there's plenty of companiesout there that are trying to take your money away from you and get you to clickon different links and try to get you through these different avenues if yourinsurance citizen it's actually very easy to apply for a tax file numberbasically all you have to do is go to the link in the description below clickthe link open their online form fill it out and take it to your nearestAustralia Post before you go to the Australian post office though make sureyou also book an interview online once you've booked this interview it'sbasically just saying to the post office people that you're coming down to provethat you are who you say you are you're also gonna need to take 100 points of IDwhich means the driver's license passport and birth certificate anythingalong those lines that has your name your date of birth and your currentliving address once you apply for tax part number it can actually take alittle bit of time to arrive and get processed it can take anywhere between 7& 30 days if not longer depending on the backlog that the government has at thetime but once you've received your tax file number you're ready to register anAustralian business name and also apply for your stray lien business number nowsomething I've learned over the years is make sure that when youthinking of a business name and checking out the availability on the show andgovernment website you also check that business name that gets the domain namebecause the last thing you want to have is one business name and then acompletely different domain it's gonna throw all your customers off and it'sgoing to be really tricky for people to find you on Google and other searchplatforms which at the end of the day is one of your most effective sellingpoints in the description below I'm also going to link the ato government websitethat lets you check different business names and different company names to seeif it's available for you to register your name today well it's the best placeI've found to check for domains it's actually crazy domains this video isn'tsponsored in any way shape or form it's just one website that I found to be veryeasy and user-friendly and they've actually got some pretty decent pricestoo which makes it an added benefit the ATO is actually simplified this processsince the last time I registered one of my businesses but thankfully they'vemade registering a business name and registering for an ABN or an ACN on theexact same website so it's just one form and one online lodgement that you haveto do now if you're still thinking what's the difference between a B and aCN well the difference is actually quite simple if you're holding an ABN numberchances are you're a sole trader somebody that doesn't have any employeesand doesn't have a large company structure whereas an ACN is a companyname and it is a company structure an ABN is cheap and effective to set up andonly costs 50 to $100 a year to keep that running whilst an ACN costs upwardsof $1,000 to set up and is quite labor-intensive sometimes you need toget your accountants involved and your tax agents involved and all sorts ofdifferent lawyers just to get that structure going so if you are a one-manteam and you're just starting your business for the first time I personallyrecommend going straight to a sole trader and only registering an ABN forthe time being linking your company or your new company to your tax file numberand having that interlaced between two once you've applied for your ABN andyou're a lien business name I recommend going ahead and buying that domain namestraightaway as well just in case somebody swoops in and takes it from youbefore you get the approved application now if you're applying for a provocativeor a derogatory term chances are it's gonna get denied by the AustralianGovernment and waste 20 30 bucks in that domain name soif you are starting a business with a business name that's potentially alittle bit ambiguous maybe hold off on that domain name until you receive yourapplication from the Australian government and it's all good to go andthere you have it guys the basic steps starting a brand new business inAustralia and 2019 in under five minutes if you enjoy this video make sure yousmash that subscribe button 20-19 style and I'll see you next Monday.