Hi again.

Today I am going to cook Korean Ramen, which is Ra-myeon.

Ramyeon is loved by people.

I don't know exactly why.

Maybe they just like noodles, easy to cook.

This instant one is very spicy.

Each packet has instant noodles and soup bases inside.

It's no sweat! We usually add more ingredients: My choice today is bean spouts.

and also an egg.

and always green onion some garlic chopped green onion Well-fermented Kimchi.

It makes the soup spicier.

Stir-fry chopped green onion and chopped kimchi.

Add minced gralic.

Pour about 3 cups of water and boil.

Open the packet and get the noodles and soup bases out.

When the water gets steamy and bubbly hot, add the soup bases in.

And soak instant noodles into the water and boil again.

I topped with bean sprouts and an egg.

Bean sprouts give a hearty flavor to the soup.

Som it's believed to be a good hangover cure.

Boil for one or two minutes.

Now, it's done.

Help yourself! Look pretty easy? Give it a try.