Okay, my wife and I have arrived at Kansai Airport (Japan).

We touched down at around 9.

40PM, local time.

And it took us more than an hour to pass the immigration check as there were so many visitors.

We just got out and it's already 10.


So now I'm gonna go pick up my pocket-wifi (portable wifi).

And then we're gonna figure out how to go to the Airbnb that we've booked.

Let's go.

Okay, I've pickup up the pocket-wifi that I booked a few days prior to flying to Japan.

The total price is around ±RM200 | ±USD50 for 16 days.

Let me show you the pocket-wifi.

It's pretty compact.

Fits in your palm.

Now that I have an internet connection, I'm gonna figure out how to go to the Airbnb that we've booked.

Okay, I've checked on Google Maps.

I'm supposed to take the Nankai-Kuko Line (train), to go to the Namba Station.

The Airbnb that we've booked is close to Namba Station.

And we have to catch the train as it stated that the last one would be at 11.


Which is not far from now.

Okay, I'm about to buy the tickets to Namba Station here.

Okay, I've arrived at the Namba Station.

The journey took an hour from Kansai Airport to here.

And the tickets cost around ±USD17 for 2 persons.

Okay, it's now 12.

30 midnight, local time.

We've arrived at the Airbnb that we booked.

This unit is on the 7th floor.

Not bad right? Since it's already midnight, I have to be extra quiet.

As the Japanese are very strict when it comes to noise.

You can't be loud when in a neighborhood area (especially in an apartment).

I don't plan to get myself in any trouble.

So I'll do the house tour tomorrow instead.

We're gonna unpack the luggage.

And then go to sleep.

Hye guys.

Today is the second day I'm in Osaka.

And as I promised you last night, I'll show you around the apartment today.

I booked this Airbnb several months in advance before flying to Osaka.

My stay here is for 3 nights.

And the total price for 3 nights is around ±USD235.

Let me show you guys around this house.

First off, the toilet.

Here it is.

The toilet is really advanced.

(Electronic bidet with heated toilet-seat 😃).

(Flushes the toilet).

**The water from that tap is clean so you can wash your hand.

The water's cold.

Okay, next is the washing machine.

The buttons/functions are in Japanese.

But the hosts provided English instructions in the manual book.

This is the sink plus vanity.

It's super clean.

And here's the shower and bathtub area.

Look at that~ They provided Pantene's shampoo and conditioner.

As well as Dove's body wash.

This is the control panel for the heater.

Here's the shower head.

Last night before I went to sleep I took a hot shower first.

It feels incredibly relaxing.

This Airbnb also comes with a kitchenette.

There's a fridge.

So you can buy mineral water, coffee milk, etc.

and store them in the fridge to keep them cool.

You may cook some rice too as they provided a rice cooker as well.

And of course, if you wanna make hot drinks you can boil some water with this kettle.

The kitchenette is really convenient and absolutely clean when I arrived yesterday.

Next, let me show you the living room + bedroom.

So here it is, the living area plus the bed right here.

The space area is quite comfortable for 2 people, me and my wife.

But if you stay here with 3-4 people, it might feel a bit cramped.

As you'll be needing space to put your things, your luggage.

We store one of our luggage in this closet here (to make it easier to move around).

Can only fit one.

There's also a TV, which is great.

Even though all the programs are in Japanese with no English subtitles.

This is the balcony area.

If you need to do some laundry, there's a rail here where you can hang them to dry.

You can also chill out here and enjoy the fresh air.

There's a chair here.

And a coffee table too.

I'll put the link of this Airbnb listing in the description section below.

In case you're interested to stay here as well.

So that's all for the home tour.

I need to finish some work before we head out and find a place to eat.

I've had my breakfast so now I'm gonna drink this.

The KERENGGA Chocolate Shake.

I usually would consume this right after breakfast.

(Note: No translations would be available for this part) (The English subtitles would resume at minute 8:40) For lunch after this, I'm heading to a Halal Ramen restaurant in Namba area (Osaka).

So if you wanna find out its location, be sure to watch this video until the end.

The main reason I came to Osaka is that I wanted to watch the Sumo wrestling (Grand Sumo Tournament).

It's a very rare opportunity.

Hopefully, my wife and I will be able to buy the tickets to watch the Sumo wrestling tomorrow morning.

And based on others' experiences, we are expected to line up as early as 5AM.

So that our chance to get the tickets would be higher.

Anyways, we're now on our way to the Halal Ramen restaurant in this district of Namba.

Okay, we have arrived at the "Ramen Honolu".

This place only serves Halal ramen.

So this would be my first ramen for our Osaka trip this time.

Let's go inside.

Insert money thru this vending machine (you'll receive your balance if there's any).

And proceed to pick any menu or add-ons you prefer.

The tickets of your paid order would then be printed out.

Make sure to take every ticket that comes out.

And proceed to hand them all to the restaurant staff at the food counter.

The staff will then begin preparing your order.

So you may find an empty seat/table counter and wait for your order to be served.

Spicy Fried Chicken | ±USD11 (The chicken Karaage in the ramen is so damn good) IT'S FRICKING DELICIOUS! Here's the chunk of chilli.

Make sure you separate it and stir them well first.

It's pretty spicy.


It's spicy.

You need to stir the chilli until it dissolves into the broth first.

Only then the ramen will be spicy.

If you can't find it, don't complain later that it isn't spicy.

I'm gonna enjoy the broth now.

(Slurps) The broth, the noodles, and the chicken are all perfect.

The spiciness is also great.

Not as deadly as Daebak Noodles.

This one is spicy but still enjoyable.


I've finished my lunch at Ramen Honolu.

Their Spicy Ramen is tip top.

Totally amazing 👌 We'll probably go to Osaka Castle after this.

And then we'll find other interesting spots to visit.

We've arrived at Osaka Castle (a park in the lower ground area).

And I actually can't believe that we get to see the Sakura, already blooming prettily.

As I thought our trip to Osaka is a bit early (and we won't get to see the Sakura here).

Okay, you can find a lot of vending machines full of drinks, around the Osaka Castle area.

In case you plan to climb up (the steep road/stairs) to get to the Osaka Castle.

And you forgot to bring a bottle of water.

Fret not, there's a lot of vending machines here.

There's a lot to choose from.

Coffee, juices, isotonic drinks, and even vending machines for ice-creams.

Okay, here we are in front of the Osaka Castle.

It takes around 15-20 minutes of walking to get here from the nearest train station.

It's not even peak season right now.

I think this place would be so packed of people during the peak season.

You might even have a hard time walking around even though the area here is originally very spacious.

I think this is one of the attractions you definitely must visit when you're in Osaka.

I don't actually plan to spend a lot of time here.

Just to have a look around.

The weather is getting a bit gloomy.

And the time now is already 4.


So I think that's all I wanna share with you guys for the first episode of "15 Days Around Japan".

I wanna thank Kerengga for sponsoring my trip to Japan.

In the 2nd episode, I'm gonna show you guys whether or not I get to watch the Sumo wrestling, Live in the arena.

•SubtitlesBy😀Pyan’sWife• Thank You very much, guys.

See you guys in the next video 😎👌 😎👌 Padu Beb! (DOPE!).