Today's dish is Ramen with Pork belly fried hangover style to make spicy First of all, Fry the Pork belly Add some salt and pepper Put flour on the pork belly.

After that Add enough oil to the pan.

When the oil gets almost hot, fry pork belly Bake fried samgyeopsal at 160 degrees for 5 minutes.

I just finished Pork belly fried.

Boil water in a pot.

Today's ramen is sin ramyun Add a spoonful of the prepared seasoning.

This seasoning doesn't contain salt, so you can add it according to your taste.

I like spicy food, so I'll add a lot of this seasoning.

Add Ramyun (If you want)Add the Chili When ramen is cooked, turn off the heat.

First, put the noodles in.

Second, Add the Soup in.

(If you want)Add some seasoning Add Pork belly fried Add the pre-washed bean sprouts Finished.