– Hey, I'm Chef Tom with AllThings Barbecue, and today we're bringing you some smokedgreen chili mac and cheese.

So this recipe is a really simple recipe.

It's actually one of those one pot things where you throw everything together and stick it in the cooker,and some magic happens, and then you have this reallyfantastic finished product.

And it's adapted from arecipe from our friend Herb McBride over at Yoder Smokers.

The first thing we're gonnado is cook up some bacon before we mix that into everything else.

So while our bacon'scooking, we're gonna go ahead and put this pasta together.

Now the really cool thing about this dish is that this pasta just goes in dry.

We don't even have to pre-cook it.

Then we'll add our cheese.

So we've got one pound ofpasta, 12 ounces of cheddar.

12 ounces of pepper jack.

One full bottle of 505 green chilis.

And then we're gonna turn the sides up, 'cause as we add the liquid,this is gonna get really full.

So we're doin' six cups of whole milk.

Alright, so we're gonna dothree cups of heavy cream.

And then for our seasoning,we're gonna using this Grunt Rub from Code 3 Spices.

It's got some reallygreat garlic flavor to it, some black pepper.

Should compliment thegreen chili really nice.

And all we have to do is mix this up and throw it on the smoker.

Alright, that's mixed up really nice, so we're gonna throw it on the smoker.

Today we're smokin' on a YoderSmoker's YS640 pellet grill.

It's set to 250 degrees.

Now our pan's in there withthe pasta and the cheese and all of the milk and cream, and that's gonna be cooking, so we really don't need to doanything for about an hour, but at that point we're gonnawanna stir things around, make sure nothing is sticking, and we'll see how the cook is progressing.

It's been about an hoursince we put our pasta on, and you can see that it'sstarting to take on some moisture, but there's still lotsof liquid in the pan.

I'm just giving it a scrape on the bottom and making sure nothing's sticking.

And you can see that we'relucky enough to be cooking some pastrami today, sowe've got some meat juices dripping down in there that'sjust gonna add to that flavor.

We'll come back and checkon this in another hour, but for now we're justgonna let it ride at 250.

Alright, it's been atotal of 2 1/2 hours now that this has been in the smoker.

You can see that most ofthat liquid has been absorbed by the pasta.

So we're gonna stir this around.

We're gonna add our bacon in.

Just wanna get this incorporated.

Then we're gonna addour bread crumbs on top and give this another halfhour or so to finish up.

We just wanna try and spreadthis evenly over the surface.

Alright, then we're gonna begin to see the bubbling up through the surface, and this is gonna brown upin the next half hour or so.

After about 30 minutes, thetop is browning up nicely, and the liquid is bubbling to the surface.

And these are the indicationsthat this thing is done.

So the bread crumbsthat have browned on top are now kinda mixing in,and they're gonna give you a little bit of variation intexture throughout the dish.

We made our mac and cheeseto be nice and creamy, but if you like it setup a little bit more, all you'd have to do is takeabout a cup of that milk out and use a little bit less liquid.

Now let's check the flavor.

Just super creamy andthe flavor is awesome.

You're getting all of thatgreen chili flavor in there.

A little bit of smokiness forsure from being on the smoker for so long, and also from the bacon.

This is a really greatside for your barbecue or as a meal by itself.

Thanks so much for watching.

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