a million turnover hello and welcome to this new video today I want talk to you about earnings from online business earnings and those who tell the truth in this video you will find out if they actually tell you the whole truth you will discover earns more who invoices 500 thousand euros who bills one million euros or who assumes to invoice one million euros I am giusy founder of free take it out on new generations of entrepreneurs and free and I want to explain to you the whole truth about these words that you hear so much around you will get the answers if you watch this video today in the sponsored facebook on instagram and in posts, you can always find someone who is billowing millionaires and more and more but is really gaining more let's start from the beginning what is the turnover because if you notice they always talk about turnover they don't use other terms in 99 percent of the turnover and revenue of the products or services you sell a company let's make an example I sell agendas e I sell this diary for 10 euros and I can sell it to 100 people 100 people for 10 euros will mean that I will have made a one thousand euros turnover if this agenda instead costs one thousand euros and I sell it to a thousand people I will have made a turnover of one million euros but if you pay attention to what I've said so far and it's only the turnover I get the sale of this agenda but it doesn't take in no way consider all the related costs for example the costs of the employees, employees, costs for printing paper maybe a digital product costs for the member area for the website all related costs that a company has and in addition must also remove tax now I know by simplifying to the maximum however the turnover is only the revenue of this agenda without taking away any cost hypothetically two people who bill one million euros both could be in two completely different situations one person bill a million euros and be at a loss person to bill 1 million euros and have a profit because turnover must be removed all costs then a company must take also in consideration of the financial management so many other variables this video and to make you understand that not in areas only the turnover of a company does not it means absolutely nothing because two companies with identical sales or also two companies a company with a turnover of 1 million euros is a company with a turnover of 100 thousand euros could probably happen and it happens that the one million euro and then in the head removed all the costs correlated instead the company that has a turnover of 100 thousand euros 500,000 euros have a profit so let's see if you have been careful between those who succeed in di invoice 500 thousand euros one million euros or who even this is the last one I heard assumed to be invoiced he didn't even do it but he starts to say it so he hopes some people buy his product he assumes to bill a million euros he is earning whoever has a higher profit, I refer you to pocket more money to make it very simplified depends on so many variables so it does not want say absolutely nothing to show a turnover number I hope you have clarified something more this video if you liked it left lay let me a comment before leaving and let me know if you are interested in other topics of the kind on the business because if you want to create your business online you also need to know what the invoiced to understand how to make money I send you a kiss and see you at next video hello.