Hi and welcome to another two minute Tuesday Do you have a tech-savvy home? Are you taking advantage of the latest smart home technology? You know most of us use our smart phones for texting taking photos and checking our social media apps But many people are now also using them to control devices in their homes One of the most popular and most common is the video doorbell like the Ring and various other security and nanny cameras Which operate both inside and outside the home? They'll send a live stream video right to your phone when someone approaches your door or presses the button Another app is the Wi-Fi thermostat like the Nes.

It's programmable and will learn what temperature's you like and When you are present in the building to make the most efficient use of your utilities.

Your home will be at the selected temperature at the moment you arrive Adjustable hue lighting is available now and capable of changing colors that can be controlled remotely with your phone as well On and off and dimming our typical functions, but you can also change the mood by changing the colors and using accent lighting Garage door apps like MyQ from Chamberlain notify you when the door is open so you can monitor your garage right from your phone Mesh Wi-Fi and wireless routers now allow you to distribute Wi-Fi around your entire home rather than just one centrally located hub.

You'll get great connections wherever you are in the house, even if you go outside Smart appliances are becoming popular as well refrigerators dishwashers Microwaves washers and dryers all have smart tech interfaces and can even communicate between themselves And of course robotic vacuums have been around for a while They'll learn the layout of your home and even recharge themselves automatically.

There's even a robotic lawnmower.

Yes! (Fist pump) But the best technology is the systems that control all of these various pieces Alexa Google Home Apple homekit with Siri are all capable of voice interaction to control most of these devices Buy products online, play your favorite song list, movie or TV show, make dinner reservations and much more and On top of that these home automation systems will also learn your patterns and make your home appear occupied when you're away Turning on lights music TV, etc So that's it for today.

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