Hey everyone! Today I have something kind of interesting.

Just like in the West you have Kickstarter,China has it's own domestic crowdfunding platforms.

A lot of the time they have products thatnever really make their way to the overseas market.

As you know I work with Creality a local Shenzhen 3D printer company.

They just did a crowdfunding campaign for the CR-100.

A 3D printer for kids that's was originallyonly planned for release in China.

But I just checked and it looks like it's for sale on GearBest.

I'm not quite sure if it's suitable for theoverseas market or not but lets unbox it and have a look.

So here is a USB stick and the CR-100 guidebook.

Yeah I think that's it.

Look this is so cute.

It's a miniature print bed.

And the CR-100 is pretty light.

So, first thing is I think it's a little bit too close in appearance to a certain kids toy.

A 3D printer shaped like a truck? Maybe asking for trouble.

But it's all assembled, let me plug it in, level the bed, and load some filament.

So on the top there is a tiny small displayit says no SD card right now.

And then the start and pause button.



You can press the up arrow to heat up, press the down arrow to cool it.

But as far as I can see the bed is fixed sono need to level the bed.

And there are some magnets at the bottom, so you just pop this print bed in wait until it heats up and print something.

So first I'm going to load the filament.

So in the back.

OK Alright, and then I'm going to insert theSD card.

Ok it shows that the printer is ready, thenozzle is heating up.

And when I double press it I just saw it turn from 0 degrees to 180 degrees.

It's going up I just need to wait for it.

Clean layer lines, no major issues.

I think it is printed at.

1mm and the resultfrom a cheap printer like this, I think it's quite good.

I didn't really take this printer very seriously when I asked Creality for a review unit.

It's only 20 or 30 dollars less than an Ender-3, but without a heated print bed, and a much, much smaller print bed.

How could that make any sense? I kind of just expected it to be a curiosity,just like a weird little thing.

But it's kind of growing on me.

Here's why- classrooms.

The problem with doing a 3D printing class is if you only have one large printer the kids do their CAD design and don't get to see the results until the next class the single 3D printer has to print everybody's work.

So usually it's at least a week before theyget something back which sort of defeats the purpose of 3D printing, the way it speeds up the design cycle.

It also takes all the fun out of it.

But, if you have a two period class, and each student has their own printer, they can do their CAD design in the first period, and print it in the second period and actually have something to take home at the end of class.

Not a huge print of course- but definitelya name tag, or a hair-clip or something.

I think that immediate feedback makes a huge difference for kids.

Of course, not all schools have the budgetfor one printer per student in a STEM class, but some do so it's worth considering.

But why not the Ender 3? I love the Ender 3 of course- but it's gotwires to catch on things, a much more exposed hot-end and moving bed, much more complicated menus and it requires manual bed leveling.

The CR-100 has no exposed wires, doesn't require bed leveling, you just put a card in and hit start.

There is no power supply brick- it's built into the base.

It's also small enough you can have each student sign it out from a tool crib and bring it to their desk, or even sign one out to bring home for a weekend.

Is it perfect? No.

This enclosure is completely ridiculous.

I'd like to see something with a built in handle as well.

I think most of you considering a 3D printer for home are much better off with an Ender-3.

But 3D printers in schools have been a problem for ages.

Most just gather dust because one teacher gets trained how to use it, that teacher changes schools or the printer breaks and no one knows how to fix it.

I think the CR-100 or something like it isan interesting potential solution a bunch of small, very basic, very cheap printers that don't require calibration and don't have much to go wrong.

I'm going to take a better look at it, if you agree and see some potential in this printer and would like Creality to make some changes, leave your ideas in the comment section.

That's it for today.

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