(electronic music) – They say the hand isquicker than the eye, which is a fact, handis quicker than the eye as you can see from the intro.

Most of that stuff isimperceptible to the human eye.

You can't perceive, you can'tknow how anything is done by looking with your eyeballs.

And a lot of magic, not allmagic, but a lot of magic requires quick sleightof hand, requires smooth, imperceptible magical sleight of hand.

That being said, in today's day and age, we live in 20018.

Because we live in thefuture, we have technology that can pick up things thatthe naked eye could not.

And in fact, this technology is readily available on YouTube.

They have this to.

25 slowdown button, which has been pointed out tome multiple times on video.

Thank you for that by the way because I wasn't aware.

I thought I'd beat thecommenters to the punch, because a lotta times Iperform sleight of hand and I get those comments like, hey, slow it down, you see exactlyhow it's done, you're welcome, time stamp, bam.

And they're not wrong.

This is a platform thatis public and you guys are entitled to slowanything down all you want.

So and I talk about this a lot.

I talk about how magicisn't about the sleights.

It's about everything in the presentation.

But when you're performingstrictly for camera as I did in the intro,there's nothing left to do but to try and figure it out.

I'm four steps ahead of you because today, I've taken my own sleight of hand which you've just witnessedand we're gonna slow it down to 120 frames a second.

That's right, that's five times slower, five times slower, than your eye views itroughly, I don't know math.

And we're gonna see frame by frame if this sleight of hand can withstandthe criticism of technology.

This is probably a bad idea.

No this is definitely a badidea, this is a terrible idea.

It's the internet, let 'em have it.

So let's start by takinga look at a few clips that I just showed you in super slo mo and see if they pass thetest, if my sleight of hand is godlike enough to not evenbe picked up by a camera.

I mean I'm pretty confident.

I'm pretty sure I nailed those tricks.

I took a few takes on a fewof them just to get it right, so yeah this is not gonna go well.

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All right let's get into it.

All right, so here we go.

We're gonna start offwith the snap change.

(jazz music) Which I'm already flashing.

Okay, this is definitely a bad idea, that, yeah it's probably not a good idea.

I should probably not do this video.

All right moving on, second one, let's go.

Oh this is the split change.

This is where I take the seven, split it into a three andfour, flawlessly might I add, seamlessly, let's have a look.

Well you guys wanted tutorials.

I mean, there you have it.

I'm not, here's the thing, I'mnot intentionally flashing.

It's just that slowed down,like look at the comparison, look at side by side, it's insane.

When it's done correctly,to the naked eye, imperceptible, imperceivable, impermeable.

Slowed down, it literally looks like, well it looks like exactly what you see.

So moving on, oh here we go, I think this is the Bergstrom change.

(electronic music) So far, so far thatdouble was pretty good, not gonna lie, come on guys, hit a like.

Smash like if you thought, let's see.

Ooh that wasn't bad at all.

(beeping) Oh there it is, right there.

And right here.

Little problem lining those up.

But see that's like afraction of a second, and the eye doesn't pick that up.

Man it's crazy, my sleightof hand is terrible.

Next one here, oh thisis the card control.

I'm not, this one I'mpretty confident about.

I think I nailed it, all right let's go.

Shows card.

Crazy amount of fingermoment going on back there.

Here we go, here we go.

Oh that wasn't that bad.

That wasn't that bad, all right.

Yeah, that wasn't that bad at all.

I'm gonna take a win on that one.

Yeah we know it's on top, right.

Here we go, little bit ofa change action happening.

By the way this is whatit looks like before.

(electronic music) So dope, and here we go.

Yeah all right skipping onto the next one, let's do the next one,how bout that.

(laughing) For those of you thinkingI'm revealing methods here, this.

25 is availableto everyone on YouTube.

So if you're performingsleight of hand on YouTube, this is exactly what you seewhen you slow it down to.


Okay so this is a little bit of a transpo where I take the card back here and it appears at my fingertips,let's go and back again.

Seamlessly, seamlesslydisappears from my hand, here we go, one.

That got ready, ohknow, oh god.

(laughing) Oh you fooled 'em Chris, you fooled 'em.

Maybe the production's a bit better.

Nope, just as bad, okay moving on.

Little of a shapeshifter action happening.

Check out the first clip.

(electronic music) Boom there it is.

And here we go.

This is the follow-up.

I think this is way too fastfor the camera to pick up.

Oh that wasn't bad.

That was not bad.

I'm taking that as a win.

I mean you see it twirl a little bit.

All right let's how bout this one? (electronic music) Yeah, as you can see byside by side comparison, pretty much the same thing.

All right what do we have here? Oh this is my DPS.

This is a palming techniquewhere you seamlessly, seemingly, put the cardto the middle of the deck, and this is what it looks like.

And this is me doing it.

I actually think I got away with that.

I think that was completely seamless.

Let's go back.

That was actually really good DPS.

See it go in? Yeah.

Yeah, oh let's go.

Let's go, mm, I win that one.

Okay, this is one of myfavorite sequences to do with a playing card.

I've taught this as wellin the videos somewhere where you just like havethese cards multiply and disappear and youkeep fetching 'em out.

One of my favorite things to do.

Eye candy looks great oncamera, looks insane on camera.

But does it? I have to sit here and watch this too.

Oh god, the hand coming in, oh.

This is torture.

All right produce, boom.

It's the hand coming in.

The angle, I gotta work on that.

See, the angle rightthere, bad angle, and, flashing a little bit on the right hand.

Do we honestly have to watch another one of those productions? That's good enough, right? That's good enough, okay.

Moving on, what do we have next? Yes yes yes, we know you're clever and you produce cards.

This is my clip shift.

All right I'm prettyproud of my clip shift.

Nailed it by the way, check this out, check out this clip shift.

Ohh, right? Let's watch.

Come on, time to examinethe clip shift, here we go, oh wait, let me get thislittle gray bar out of the way.

Incoming clip shift.

Lotta claw action there, lotta, lotta this going on.

So far no flash.

Whoa, yo you have to realizethat this is five times slower than what you normally see, and I'm sorry, there waslike one frame in there.

Let's go back in slow.

There was like one, two, like one frame, that's not a frame, I don't count that.

That is the one frame andthen it's there already.

That's like one frame from being magical,look at that.

(beeping) All right, I think that's enough.

I think we've, I think we've concluded our sleight of hand studying for today.

This was a really bad idea.

On the bright side, I thinkit's great to look at yourself critically and I think it's great that the internet has this ability to slow sleight of hand down.

I tried saying that with a straight face.

No but really, I really don't care.

I think, I think it's good.

I think as I mentioned before, the art of magic depends on spectators being more knowledgeable about the craft, and if that means lettingthem in on a few things like sleight of hand, so be it.

Because their interestthere just grows, I think.

I think people get moreinterested when they start understanding something andstop getting frustrated.

You know what I mean? So I think it's for the greater good.

Let me know what you thinkbelow if this was a bad idea.

Actually don't, just ifyou think it's a bad idea, just don't, just smash like.

And ah, all right guys,well thanks for watching.

I've come to the conclusionthat sleight of hand is not meant for slow motion.

Well mine isn't, we can all improve is the message that I'm sending out today.

You think your sleight of hand's good? Slow it down times fiveand see how it fares.

Mine didn't fare so well at all.

I think it's great, it'sa great way to learn, it's a great way for meto figure out what I have to work on so we learned something today.

I learned that mysleight of hand is trash, and you guys as well.

(laughing) Thanks for watching the video guys.

If you liked this video,this kinda content, let me know in the commentsbelow, like this video, subscribe, notification bells, all that.

We'll see you in the next one, peace, ah.

(slow jazz music).