Welcome to San Jose State University! There are so many great reasons to apply toSan Jose State University.

The first reason to apply to SJSU is our location.

SJSU is located in the heart of Silicon Valley,in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Silicon Valley is known for its technologicalbreakthroughs and creativity.

The Bay Area is famous for its temperate weather, beautiful scenery and access to the coast, the mountains, and the city.

It is a great place to build your talent's andexplore California.

Additionally, San Jose is the 8th most diverse cityin America.

So, wherever you are from, you will feel at home.

We have students from nearly every part ofthe world and more than 450 student organizations for you to get involved in cultural, academic,sports clubs, and more.

The second reason to choose San Jose StateUniversity is for our academic excellence.

SJSU is one of the top public schools in America.

We are also one of the most transformativecolleges in America, and our offers are top-notch.

SJSU offers 145 fields of study, and 108 concentrations.

SJSU is one of the 10 best college's for businessmajors and our College of Engineering is consistently ranked as one of the top public engineeringprograms; coming in 3rd this year.

No matter what you are interested in studying,we have something for you.

The third reason to choose San Jose StateUniversity is for the unparalleled career possibilities.

San Jose is the top city in the Californiato find a job and the San Jose metro area is the best place for the tech jobs.

Being in the heart of Silicon Valley givesus access to number of cutting-edge companies where you can start your career.

Google, Apple, Facebook,Cisco, Adobe, and Oracle to name a few.

Our comprehensive university prepares graduatesfor careers in a wide range of fields and Silicon Valley companies are eager to hire SJSU graduates.

Those are just a few reasons to come to San JoseState University.

You can find out more on our website sjsu.

Edu/globalor send us an email.

We look forward to seeing you at San JoseState University.