If you sell on Shopify, you must have aShopify Brand Strategy, and the Shopify Brand Strategy is all about the Trademarks.

When you have a Registered Trademark, it makes registering for the Shopify Branding Program go smooth and easy.

And when you catch somebody stealing your customers, it also makes enforcing yourBrand Rights on Shopify much more effective.

In fact, if you already have aRegistered Trademark, and there's someone selling on Shopify using a name that'sconfusingly similar to your own, you can kick them off that name.

Enforcement also means that we can assist you in taking down a site that isconfusing your own customers or a site that sells goods and services that aresimilar to the ones you sell.

But the key to understanding the Shopify BrandStrategy is that it begins with having a Registered Trademark.

So, be in touch andI look forward to helping you and seeing you in the next video.