hello everyone welcome back to mychannel so as you can see from the title of this video I'm going to be doing aSephora haul today I did participate in the annual vib sale I also did get a fewthings from Ulta so I'll be including that in this video but majority of thethings that I bought are from Sephora they did send it to me in separate boxeseven though it was just one order so I swear I did not order that manythings it just looks like it because there's so many boxes but yes let's goright into it so first I'm just gonna get all of the items out of the boxes sothey don't get in our way so the first item that I'm seeing here is thiscontour blush palette this is from the Sephora collection and I haven't orderedanything from the Sephora collection since I want to say middle school sothis will be my first time buying something from the actual Sephoracollection so I'm not a huge blush person I don't always wear *blush on mydaily everyday makeup but for events and things like that I do wear blush and Ijust wanted to try a palette I've never owned a blush palette before so Ithought I would just try the Sephora collection one before I try anythingmore expensive so these are the colors here so I'll probably be doing a fewholiday looks with this the colors do seem pretty fitting for holidays so I'mvery excited about this there's a bunch of different options and I can't wait totry this out the next item that I'm seeing here is this benefit brow pencilas you guys know I usually use the Anastasia and the it cosmetics pencilbut I'm actually out of the Anastasia so I thought I would try something newI've heard good things about the benefit brow but I've never tried it before sothis will be my first time and this isn't the new 90s pen eitherI thought I would just try getting the classic one just to see it oohthe packaging is really cute so we have the pen on one side and the spoolie onthe other so far so good so this pen actually is like a hybridbetween my Anastasia and my it cosmetics so it's thicker than the Anastasia butit's more precise it seems than the it cosmetics so I'm really excited to trythis out and I'll let you guys know how that goes as well and then the nextthing that I'm seeing here is the Too Faced shadow insurance primer as youguys saw in my last video I do use the Urban Decay potion but I thought I wouldtry something new again and this packaging is so cute like I've mentionedbefore I love too faced products their packaging is so cute I love the goldit's so pretty so girly and I'm really excited to try putting this to use okayso then the next item that I'm seeing as you guys know I love sunscreen and I'mrunning low on my shiseido so I thought I would pick some up and againtry something new so this is the Clinique pep start and this has SPF 50and like I mentioned before Clinique is usually dermatologist tested so it'spretty good for your skin and right here it says it's allergy tested 100%fragrance free ophthalmologist tested and it also says non acne genic which isperfect so that means that it will not contribute to acne it won't be the thingthat's clogging your pores and making you break out okay so this is a cutelittle bottle and it's a little squeeze tube I'm veryexcited about products that won't contribute to clogging pores my skin isa bit on the sensitive side so I do try to get products that are meant for moresensitive skin and won't contribute to acne so this next item I'm super excitedabout it's a little bundle it's two all nighter sprays for the price of one soit's a normal $64 value but they were selling it for 39 and then on top ofthat it was the 20% off vib so this is definitely worth picking up you get twoall nighter setting spray and as you guys saw in my last video I still havethe old packaging so I'm super excited to pick up the newer setting spray sohere is the packaging right here I think they did a really good job theyrepackaged a lot of their items and look how sleek and pretty this is actuallywe're gonna spray some right now yes okay so you definitely cannot haveenough setting spray I'm very excited that I picked two more bottles and thesewill definitely be put to good use so yes this was a very good purchase for meokay so then the next item I'm seeing here is the dr.

brandt pores no more Ipicked up a full size they were having a little bundle with these two samplesright here is the full size of the dr.

brandt pores no more as you guys knowHoly Grail product this is going to be put to great use and then it just camewith these two little sample sizes of a pore minimizing mattifying gel and thena age defying exfoliator which is great because as you guys know I loveanti-aging products so definitely excited to try this out next we're gonnamove on to skin care as you guys know if you follow me on other social media Ilove skin care but it is on the pricier side so I do try to take advantage ofthe Sephora sale while it's happening but you have to know that skin care isalso an investment and the earlier you start the better you don'twant to start skincare when you already are at that age where you're gettingwrinkles and skin problems you want to start early to prevent all that orprolong it as long as possible so like I mentioned before I try to take advantageof the Sephora sale and I picked up this little set by Sunday Riley it's calledspace race fight acne oil and pores like I mentioned before my skin is on theoilier side and it is sensitive so I thought this is perfect for me I havetried the sunday Riley Luna sleeping night oil and I love it it's great forhyperpigmentation if you have acne scars wrinkles so I thought I would just pickthis up and try it I've never tried the green oil before this comes with a ultraclarifying face oil a water gel toner and a sulfur acne treatment mask so I'mvery excited to try this out and I will let you guys know how that goes sothat's it for all of my Sephora products we're gonna be moving on to my Ultaproducts the first thing that I picked up is this too faced bundle I wasrunning low on my chocolate Soleil and this little bundle included one so Ijust picked it up so I have the chocolate Soleil and then it also camewith a matte chocolate chip eyeshadow palette I've never used too faced eyeshadows before so I thought this would be cool as you guys know I use thischanel palette but I thought I would pick something up more affordable morein my price range and this is so cute it's like a little chocolate bar it'scalled chocolate chip and it smells like chocolate so that's also super amazingit's just this matte eyeshadow palette and this is perfect for everyday thissize is also perfect for traveling I will be traveling next month so thiswill be perfect to take it'll fit right in my makeup bag and it has all of theneutral colors that I can use for every day so I'm super excited to put this touse okay so we're moving on and one of myfavorite lip products is the Kat Von D bow-and-arrowliquid matte and I'm obsessed with this color this is actually what I'm wearingon my lips right now it's just this perfect nude a little bit on the darkerside and it reminds me of like grunge 90s vibes I'm obsessed with this lipcolor at Ulta I saw this NYX liquid suede and it seemed very similar to the KatVon D so I thought I would just pick this up to see if it's a good dupebefore I buy a full-size of this bow-n-arrow so I'll just do some swatches toshow you guys if they're similar this bottom color is gonna be the Kat von Dand on top I'm going to be putting the NYX okay so right away I can just tellthat the NYX this is the NYX on top Kat Von D on bottom right away I can justtell that the NYX on top it's a little darker and it seems a little bit moreglossy than the Kat Von D which makes sense because the Kat Von D is a liquidmatte and this NYX is a liquid suede so it's a cream lipstick it doesn't saythat it's meant to be matte which makes sense so this NYX is in the colorsandstorm and like I mentioned before this is in bow-and-arrow but they doseem to be pretty close dupes so if you're ballin on a budget I definitelyrecommend picking this up it seems like a great product we're actually gonna trythis now yeah so it does seem a little darker than the Kat Von D right away butit's really soft and I'm probably going to be using this frequently but I alsowill still be picking this up in the big size just because this is just one ofthose Holy Grail products that I'll forever love and cherish so this isgonna be the last item in my haul and if you guys know me you know that I loveMarc Jacobs and I particularly love the Daisy perfumes in high school I used touse the pink one eau so fresh and then in college I graduated on to the originalDaisy the dream is not my favorite but I don't mind it and I thought I would justpick up this little bundle it says that the suggested retail price is $81 but theywere selling it for 45 and I know that at Sephora each one is usually around*$27 so this is a great deal for me and I thought I would just pick this up Iusually keep these in my purses so that I can touch up on my perfume throughoutthe day and this packaging is so cute I thought that this was perfect for me andI'm very very excited that I got to pick this up as well it looks like that is itfor this makeup haul I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video I lovewatching videos like this on YouTube so I thought I would just do a smallhaul since I picked a few items up thank you so much for watching and I hope tosee you in my next video.