Hi, my name is Dr.

Steve Lim.

I have beenpracticing dentistry since 1998 and I am a board certified Prosthodontist.

A Prosthodontistis someone who takes an additional 3 years of training after dental school to masterthe art and science of restoring missing teeth.

My team members and I are committed to ensurewe exceed your every expectation and to deliver the highest quality of care in a manner whichis patient centered and service driven.

Our purpose is to provide you with a confidentsmile that is comfortable, esthetic, and functional for the long term.

Our practice provides a full range of CosmeticDentistry, Implant Dentistry, and full mouth rehabilitations with either fixed or removableoptions.

The things that set our office apart from most other restorative offices is ourcore value in COMPREHENSIVE EXCELLENCE.

We are one of the few offices in the countrywhere patients can have all of their dental implant needs, from the treatment planning,all the surgical procedures, and all the restorations done in one office.

I am a board certifiedspecialist who does both the surgical and all restorative procedures in one place.

Thisis a significant advantage to the patient in dealing with one doctor and one officerather than several doctors in several offices which can be confusing and can often leadto miscommunication.

Our practice philosophy is to deliver thehighest quality of care.

To ensure that our patients are receiving the best restorationspossible, our practice has an in-house master dental ceramist who has been delivering beautifulporcelain restorations for over 30 years.

This allows me to oversee all aspects of thefabrication of the restorations.

It also allows for quicker turn around time, and it allowsfor convenient custom shade matching for all esthetic cases.

Our high tech office has the latest equipmentto serve our patients best with an ICAT 3D Cone beam CT scanner (this technology givesyou a 3 dimension view of your entire head and neck region, it allows you to diagnoseissues with the TMJ, evaluate airway spaces for sleep apnea, bone density, and it is imperativeto utilize during the surgical placement of dental implants.

) We also use the latest technology in DigitalRadiographs which significantly reduces radiation scatter when compared to traditional radiographs.

This allows for instant images with no waiting time and also eliminates any chemical exposureto people and to the environment.

We also provide the latest CAD CAM technologywith the Cerec Scanner and milling machine.

This allows the patient to receive an all-porcelainrestoration made in one visit and eliminates the need for a temporary and a second visit.

Additionally we provide Laser treatment tosafely manage moderate to severe periodontal diseases.

In addition, we utilize technology to helpus detect caries or decay that may go undiagnosed with the naked eye with the Diagnodent.

Our practice also provides care for patientsthat are diagnosed with sleep apnea using sleep monitors and oral devices to increaseairway space to their lungs.

We can also diagnose, monitor and treat Temporal Mandibular Diseasesor TMD with our jaw tracking devices and customized occlusal splints.

In addition, we provide all forms of SedationDentistry in our office.

We have Nitrous oxide which is plumed in every operatory and wecan combine this with oral sedatives.

This significantly reduces the patient's fear andanxiety levels and increases the comfort level for the patient during any dental procedure.

Our office also provides Conscious IV sedation that is administered by a medical doctor ifneeded.

We also have televisions embedded into the ceilings with over 40 channels ofDirect TV to create an environment which is comfortable and soothing to our patients.

Please feel free to explore our website orcall us to schedule an initial visit.

My team and I look forward to meeting you and to exceedingall of your expectations.