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Now today I'm going to be taste testing these.

Andthese are Samyang's Hot and Spicy Chicken-Flavored Gyoza Dumplings.

I'vebeen looking for these for months — it's been about eight months, I believe — theycame out last year.

Many of you told me about them, but I wasn't able to findthem.

But I did yesterday! So these are frozen hot and spicy dumplings — I believethe flavoring, based on the branding, that's going to be very similar to the FireNoodles that we all know and love.

If you haven't seen my taste testing of all theSamyang flavored noodles be sure to check that out.

And while I was perusingthe aisles at the market, I thought "Why not make my own version?" Because thesewere really hard for me to find.

And if the DIY version tastes just as good, thenyou guys don't have to find these — you can make them with your own noodles.

So Ipicked up some gyoza wrappers and I'm gonna attempt to take this and transformit into this.

Wish me luck.

And then I also picked up this which Ihad never seen before — this is the Samyang flavored sausage.

I'm gonna putthese back in the fridge because we just need to fry them up, but I like to cook my gyozas in the frozen state, so I'm going to put them back in the refrigerator.

*singing* La, la, la!! *In a munchkin voice* In the freezer, okay? Try not to knock over your tripod.



So, first things first, we'regonna open this thing.

And we'll take out our packets — there are two of them.

Andthere are the beautiful noodles inside.

And it's a nice big fat puck of 'em.

Right there.

It's going to take boiling water; cover thenoodles.

So while that's cooking, let's taste thesausages.

And we're just going to open the package.

and here they are! Look a lotlike hotdogs.

They actually don't smell like much.

I smell a little bit of chili.

Theydon't smell fishy at all.

Wow! [Take] this off.

and then it peels the plastic.

Oh, thatdidn't work! *Whispers* That's not satisfying at all! Argh.

Let's try that again.

Okay, okay, okay.

Now it's happening.

Pull that off — that's working — and then youjust denude the sausage.

Oh, it splits right down the seam! Okay, that's much better! Veryflexible as you can see; and thinner than a typical hot dog, but about the samelength.

Oh, now you can smell the seafood.

Let's cut it and see what it looks likeinside.

Oh, it looks exactly the same as it does on the outside.

There are little flecksof something in there.

Not sure what that is.

Itadakimasu! It actually tastes alot like imitation crab sticks.

It definitely has a strong kind of fishyflavor to it, but there's a good amount of heat which kind of compensates forthat.

The texture is very homogenous — not really chewy, but a little bit rubbery.

Ittastes a lot like those dried cuttlefish snacks.

At any rate, not bad.

So what I'mgoing to do next is chop this up so we can add these to our dumpling mixture.

So we're back with our noodles.

There are three holes here that you can just puncture.

Now we're going to add our seasoning packets.

And then the toppings.

*cough, cough* Oh yeah, that's spicy! And.

That looks beautiful already.

So I'm going to take my scissors and chop my noodles up so they are more manageable;and hence we can use this to fill our gyoza.

Now we're gonna add our sausage.

Try not to get them to go everywherelike I did.

So I've got myself some gyoza wrappers or wonton wrappers — so I like using just a slightly dampened paper towel.

And keep them covered so theydon't dry out.

We're gonna take a wrapper; put a little bit of water aroundthe edge here; I'm gonna just take a little bit of our stuffing.

We're just gonna go likethis.

like that.

Now these are what the Samyang dumplings look like.

Oh, the pleat's much simpler.

And immediately I smell cabbage.

These only have two pleats.


And these are the homemade.

I've got a cast iron skillet here butyou can also do this in a stainless steel pan.

You want it to get pretty hot.

We're gonna use a neutral flavored oil — I'm just using sunflower oil — and putabout a good tablespoon of that.

Swizzle that around.

And now we're gonna lay our gyozas in a row into the hot pan.

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Big thanks to HelloFresh for sponsoringthis video — now let's check on the gyozas! Once they start getting golden brownon the bottom like this, you can just lift them up and see that they'regetting nice and golden brown, we're gonna add a couple tablespoons of waterand then quickly cover it.

And that's gonna steam them up, and finish cookingthe frozen gyozas on the inside.

All righty.

So my gyoza are lookingabsolutely delicious: nice and golden on the bottom.

This is the store-boughtversion, and this is the homemade version.

Let me turn them over so you can seewhat they look like on the top.

And because I have a few more pleats on thehomemade version, I think those look a little bit more charming — although thehomemade version cooked a little bit faster because they were not frozen inthe center.

All righty, so let's give these a taste.

I'm gonna try the original first.

Here we go! Itadakimasu! Not right now, I'm dumpling.

Mmm!Those are delicious! So the filling is not of course noodles at all; theflavoring is very similar to the original Samyang noodle: fiery hot,sweet, and savory, with the addition of a little bit of onion in there — kind of achive-y flavor and the texture is a little bit like ground meat, but as we know thatthis contains tofu rather than meat.

Absolutely delicious! Mm-hmm.

The bottomhas a nice crisp texture to it; the tops are chewy; the fieriness is hot but notuncomfortably so; not at all; in fact, I think the Fire Noodles are much moreuncomfortable in terms of just the level of heat.

These are really, really easy andpalatable, especially if you're not into hot things, or you're just not used tohaving them.


That's delicious! iI's just basically like a vegetarian gyozawith some of that Samyang spicy noodle sauce on it.

Now let's comparethat with a homemade version.

Now these are a little bit plumper: they did expanda little bit in cooking, but let's give these a go.

Here we go! Very starchy! *laughs* Hmmm.

The outside of thewonton wrapper is quite nice: there's a nice chew to it; you've got that crispbottom; but the inside is very starchy; it's a little bit dry;great Samyang flavor, but the original is actually much better.



The filling is looser; it's more moist; this needs a little bit more fat.

I thinkif this had a little bit of ground meat in it; some chive, I think, would actuallybe really nice; a little bit of green onion; and something to make it a littleless starchy.

Right now it's just a starch ball.

Granted, a very tasty, spicy, starchball.

It just doesn't have as nice of a mouthfeel as the first one, but these areactually spicier than the original — much spicier than the original! In terms offlavor, they're actually pretty good.

I almost forgot to mention that we did addsome protein to the DIY version, but it just really wasn't present and kind ofjust got lost with all the noodle.

All righty, so there you have it: the Samyang gyozas versus the DIY Samyang gyozas.

And I'd have to say theoriginal won, but you wouldn't have to tweak the DIY one too much to actuallyget on to the same level, because they are pretty tasty.

All righty, I hope you guysenjoyed that one; I hope you guys learned something! Thank you guys so much forwatching! Big thanks to HelloFresh forsponsoring this video.

To get started with HelloFresh with eight free meals –that's $80 off your first month — head over to hellofresh.

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