Hello and welcome to our YouTube channel! In this video we want to show you through an application how to defend yourself against a knife attack with a telescopic stick.

So we'll show you an application and later exercises for training.

We hope you like our video and you can acquire new knowledge about defense techniques.

Thank you for watching! The idea is to take advantage of the length of the stick.

So if he wants to attack my body, can you see that I reach his face from a much further distance.

That is much better! Even if we trade because I have a longer arm, Can you see that I would not reach him when he uses the stick.

We also train blocking on the arm, that is also a possibility, but I prefer this technique.

It takes a little more training, but it's just more realistic, if we want to defend ourselves against a knife attack.

I'll show you what I mean.

So if he attacks, I want my stick pointing directly at my attacker.

So he will always look at the stick, I do not want the stick in that position, but rather always aimed directly at him.

So if he attacks me.

Sting, with full force, then I can stop his attack immediately.

Normally, if you feel the input from the stick in the face, you will go back.

It is difficult to move forward, to retreat is a natural reflex.

I'll show you a variation.

If he blocks the attack here, then I feel the pain, but if I attack very aggressively I will break the block I'll feel it, but the block may not be enough.

If you have enough space, so it is better to stand with the stick.

Once again, he stings and I attack the head and when I do, I can go back and meet him in the face at the same time.

This is extremely painful and the attacker will immediately take back and that's what we want.

This is the application and now I'll show you different exercises.

In the first exercise, we want to focus on the target, the face.

We use the claw as a target and he stings directly.

In the next step, he stays in his ready position, the stick points to me and then I show him his goal for a brief moment, maybe 2 seconds Now we start to move.

He has to copy my movements, if I go to the right, he has to follow me, if I go in a circle, he also has to go in a circle.

So he copies my movements and every time when I show the claw he has to react Very simple, but it is very important to train this accuracy as it is otherwise later on stress is problematic if he misses his target.

Otherwise I could easily attack him with the knife on my body.

If you feel a bit unsure, you can also sting your body, it is also painful but more effective is an attack on the face.

Okay, one last exercise, We are both in our right display, so we have a longer range and if I attack his body or leg, He pulls his leg back and stabs with the stick.

We can move again So here he creates a greater distance and goes forward with his attack at the same time.

This is the defense against a knife attack with a telescopic pole, by a stitch to the face.

We hope you like this technique and if you like it, let's give it a thumbs up here, leave us a comment here and share our video Thanks for watching and see you next time.