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Rodrigue, c’est quoi Decathlon Academy ?


Hi Geoffrey my name is Rodrigue I am RH and I am responsible for skills development for Decathlon France.

If you prefer, my job is to make each employee more competent, more efficient and happier in his job.

Decathlon Academy is a platform that will allow each Decathlonian to develop his skills in link with his job and also add skills that might interest him for example recruitment, management.

It is also a referent network that is available for employees to practice in the field, it is also a network of referents which is dispatched locally in France and abroad and which covers different skills or sports.

The role of the referent is simply to be an additional solution for the collaborator to practice gestures in the field related to his job that will allow it to be more efficient and faster on everyday tasks and Decathlon Academy is also places, for 3 months we launched a concept for to have places that are created locally, we have several, Saint Nazaire, Lyon, Bordeaux and the latest is international in Colombia where so each team Academy puts in place places that its propitious for everyone can develop.

You imagine it well, full of Academy, how much I would not be able to tell you, but I imagine more than 30 countries that will have created networks of referents so suddenly internationally but also in France.

In 2030 I see a network of referents that will have grown enormously, Today we are 3000 can be that tomorrow we will be 20 000 referents in France and in the whole world and I also see, I imagine a lot of places that will have emerged locally and I especially see Decathlon Academy open externally, I expect that the best on external skills can come to train us and I also see Decathlon Academy train our athletes and customers on skills or sport.

if you want to learn to code, to recruit bah come join us and if you want to share a skill that is dear to you, join Decathlon Academy we are ready to welcome you.