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I'm Mr.

Hack, and today, I'm going to teachyou how to tie a thick ribbon around your head connector.

So, the first thing you're going to wannado, is you're going to want to make sure that the big end is longer than the short end.

Now, as you can see by this, right here, they'rethe same size.

I think that this was a manufacturing defect,so what I'm gonna have to do is I'm gonna have to take some scissors and shave downthe small end.

Now you can see that the big end is longer.

Alright, now that the thick ribbon is theproper length, you wanna make sure that there's no twists around your head connector, so you'regonna shimmy it, just like that.

And once that portion's done, you're gonnawant.

Alright, well, I though I cut that right,but I guess I didn't.

Let's uh , shorten that up again.

Okay, now once again, after the ribbon iscut to the proper length, you're gonna wanna shimmy it around your head connector to makesure there's no twists, and.

once again, I.

I think I know what's going on here.

I using broken scissors.

Let's give this one more try.

Tip of the day: Before you try to tie a ribbonaround your head connector, make sure that you have fully functioning scissors.

Now, unfortunately, uh, there isn't a lotof ribbon left, so I think that this video turned into more of a 5-minute crafting video.

I'm going to show you how to attach this ribbonto your head connector, in a different way.

The first thing you're gonna need is a bobbypin.

You're gonna take the ribbon from around yourhead connector, and you're gonna attach the bobby pin straight to the ribbon, just likethat.

Then you're gonna take the bobby pin, andyou're gonna attach it to your shirt, right here.

I'm gonna stab myself, here.

And viola! You have a thick ribbon attached to your headconnector.

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