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We are going to make one ofmy favorite all time dishes, grilled, double thick cut pork chops, we're gonna season 'emup with a delicious blend and it's gonna be toppedoff with an amazing tomato hatch chile corn salsa, also roasted on thegrill, super easy to make.

What we first want to dois get this pork rubbed up so we can infuse those flavors and get working on the other prep.

The first part of the rub, we're gonna add in a littlebit of garlic powder.

Gonna add some nice flavor to our pork.

Secondly we're gonna do some onion powder, tad bit of cumin, a nicelittle spice in there, and for a little bit of color and flavor, some chili powder and dry oregano.

Alright, what we want to do now is simply sprinkle this on all sides of the pork.

We're gonna rub it in a little bit, we're gonna go in therefrigerator for about 30 minutes.

(upbeat Latin music) Let's talk about thesehatch chiles for a second.

They're super unique and what I mean is that they only areharvested at the end of July or at the beginning of August.

They come from the HatchValley in Hatch, New Mexico, and on the Scoville meterthey range about 2,500, so super mild in flavor.

If you want an idea of howspicy or how not spicy they are, jalapenos can go about 8,000 Scoville and the hottest pepper in the world, a Carolina Reaper, comes inat 2.

2 million Scovilles.

If you're unfamiliarwith the Scoville meter, that's just how youmeasure heat in peppers.

These are gonna provide a ton of great mild, spicy flavor to the salsa, so what we wanna do issimply take the seeds out, rub it down with alittle bit of olive oil, season it with salt and pepper, and place it on a sheet pan,along with some ears of corn, sliced red onion, tomatoes, we're gonna go outside to the grill in between 450 and 550 degrees, we want to roast everythingup, get a nice char on it.

We're gonna come back inside, we're gonna roughly chopit to like a medium dice, and get cooking on our pork.

(upbeat Latin music) The salsa is just about done.

Like I said, simply chopeverything up, throw it in a bowl.

I'm gonna add in some black beans.

They were simply in acan, I strained them, rinsed them becausebeans are already cooked, the salsa is gonna heat'em up the rest of the way.

Once that's finished,we're gonna season it with salt and pepper, addin a little cilantro leaves, and keep it warm.

Alright, now we're gonnaget started on the pork.

We wanna season it with saltand pepper on both sides, going back outside to thatgrill, about 450 to 550 degrees, gonna take in between sixand 10 minutes on each side for this to completely cook through.

Get a nice brown char on the outside.

We're gonna come back, we'regonna plate up the pork, we're gonna pour that delicioussalsa all over the top.

What a tasty, simple recipe.

So easy to make andlooks absolutely gorgeous laid out on the platter.

The Hatch chiles give it anice, comfortable spicy flavor to the salsa, and itcomplements the pork perfectly with all those rubs and spices on there, grilled to perfection, lessthan one hour to make this.

Do it today.

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I've got a lot of pork to eat, we're gonna see you next time.

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