Hello, guys.

Today we are going to ask Questions and Answers If you do not like this kind of videos, I'll see you in the next But well.

Let's talk a lot, I do not know how long this is going to be.

I received many questions But to make it more interesting.

! I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Spicy I love when my lips burn after eating something.

I know I'm crazy, but it's like that I've been watching a lot of episodes of.

Episodes? Videos? From a series here on Youtube called 'The Hot Ones' And they interview people like Chrissy Teigen (let's make the hot wings challenge, guys) It's very funny, because I think Chrissy Teigen would beat me in the spicy round I would love to face her I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and ordered Only from the spicy side, because here we will not be playing with lemon and pepper I went from the Curry Thai, which is like in the middle, to the hottest, in flames And I'm here all sophisticated I mean, I need to eat my wings with style That's what it's about Well, let's start with the first question 'You should do' What they assume of me 'What is that? Oh yeah! Well, I'll start with the Curry Thai wings 'You always look very happy and full of life.

' I love that.

Thank you, pretty '.

but what makes you sad? Any problems in your life? ' Phew! We start with the things that I never talk about Something that saddens me a lot is.

Honestly, sometimes it's the decisions I've made regarding my career I mean, I've always been.

I've traveled a lot, guys, and I've seen so many things.

I feel bad about doing what I do, if they understand what I mean Obviously, I am in the area of ​​Consumerism, marketing and.

I love, really: I love the creative aspect, I love inventing ideas, recording, editing.

All that I love the process of everything, but then when I think about what I'm using it for And it is consumerism And people are like 'God, I have to buy this and that.

What are you using!' They ask me 'What is the best this or that?' And there are many more problems in the world.

That makes me very sad, especially because I know It's almost like I pretend not to know that But.

I do not even want to eat this.

It's a waste of color, because it does not even bother It is a constant struggle to what you dedicate your life, you know? So when I receive messages from you, and you tell me that you feel inspired or motivated or.

That they feel better using less makeup and dressing like they want That encourages me to continue, because in a certain way I'm making a difference, more than just.

I never want to put products through your eyes And I hope, and I beg God, that this is not what you take from my videos Well, let's move on to the spicy wings I have already tried them, and for me they are simply salty, not spicy Here we go.

The next question is: 'How do you travel so much?' You know that with Youtube money is made, right? The appearance of the ads is not so good, but I have several entries of money I think I handle my money pretty well Scott's Cheap Flights is what I use You sign up, and it's like an email.

I pay, because I want it all I'm a greedy travel mad I want all flights to arrive in my inbox They notify you when there is a super cheap flight Well, I have those alerts in my email Since I have the job I have, I can work from wherever I am Or I can plan it, prefilm videos.

Even if I do not prefilm, it's not the end of the world, I'm not going to fire myself I work for myself, then I can go, simply So when I see these flight offers, I reserve them and then I resolve, because I always achieve it I spend most of my money on travel, more than anything else What is the most difficult to create your brand through Youtube / Social networks? At first it was difficult for me to focus on mine, so to speak I feel that right now I'm fine, I'm just.

I'm not.

watching what Fulanita and Perencejo are doing I'm pretty focused on my I stopped paying attention to the numbers, but at the beginning.

Especially when you've already caught a bit of ground.

I became obsessed with the numbers.

I am very relieved to have left that game of comparisons Definitely, I would tell you that that part is hard, mentally And the other part is.

Being alone many times Make the decisions.

That is, everything depends on you And also manage time: it is very easy to fall into 'not wanting to do anything' Because I'm very creative type, you know? I say to myself that 'It has to flow, I can not just turn it on!' and nonsense like that And days go by.

That's why sometimes they do not see content, because they did not feel like producing anything It is difficult when you feel drained of creativity Other things are happening in your life, but you still feel that you have to get content, because people expect it from you But in reality it's just pressure from yourself I always laugh when.

I mean, it's a little bit cruel, but I always laugh when people say they 'came back to Instagram' And I kind of 'Girl, I did not even know you were gone!' You know? We all have our lives, and I just think it's.

It's more than the creator puts that pressure on himself I do not know.

Do you care when I do not upload videos? I think nobody even notices How do I stay positive and deal with the days that are going badly for me? To stay positive, I listen to a Podcast An empowering podcast, like the Super Soul Sudays by Oprah, that I love Or I hear something like 'You are a badass' in Audible, by Jen Sincero Or listen to Evan Carmichael, I think that's what it's called? Here on YouTube He makes profiles of very successful people, and is very motivating and inspiring And you can identify with people who felt at their worst, but who keep going So.

I usually hear some of that Or, sometimes, when I do not feel like thinking super.

Think of deep things, or put positivity in my eyes.

I give myself permission to feel sad, because I think it is super normal and healthy.

You have the right to feel sad But I recognize why my sadness As soon as I recognize that why And it usually has to do with ego Maybe they destroyed my ego, or something like that.

Usually that's the case Or expectations.

Maybe I had high expectations of something and it did not happen as I wanted.

That's also ego Then I check And I try to understand why I feel like I feel Why I feel frustrated, why I feel unmotivated, why I feel sad.

Whatever Sometimes I get out of nowhere.

a sadness that I can not even explain what comes And sometimes I just want to cry, and I cuddle in bed I allow myself that, because I would generally feel super guilty to lie down and watch Netflix But I snuggle up in bed and see Netflix Usually something super light.

I can not see anything strong Basically, that's how I deal with that And once I give myself that full day, if I need it The next day I have to exercise and return to the path of gratitude Why.

It is very easy for me to fall into a depressed state, really And I know you should be like 'What ?!' But.

So I really have to exercise the muscle of positivity And I've been doing it.

For me, it's no longer a question of forcing it Because I've been doing it for almost 10 years I've done it so much already, that at this point it's almost natural for me So, good Now it takes me like half a day to recover Not a full day, or two or three It's usually a half day, and when it gets dark I start cleaning That is very therapeutic for me I usually clean up, and I always feel immediately better when I wake up the next morning I feel like a new woman Virgo stuff.

The next.

How do you feel like a Latina in this industry? Do you think there is a difference? God, if there is a difference, baby I'm feeling so.

I feel like I have more power to be Latina The Spanish.

I feel that if you speak English and Spanish.

And this I have said before.

100% I feel that if you speak English and Spanish, you can communicate with many people in the world, then like.


I feel super powerful What is my favorite cocktail or drink? I love a cocktail But especially I love the Mezcal When bars do not have good drinks, as they are very generic things, Vodka, Screwdrivers.

You know, all those basic drinks So I ask directly for a Soda Tequila It's Tequila, Soda and lemon juice And if by chance they have Tajin.

I always ask them to put him on the edge I'm salivating a lot! I have problems I'm going to take this.

I think it's the right time to move on to the love questions, because there are so many You want to know about my relationships I will go directly to these Are you single or casually dating someone? Wait a moment I'm single, by the way What? This does not even bother! This does not even bother, guys.

I'm very disappointed A habanero mango stings more I'm super single right now Ok.

Tell us all about your worst separation, and what did you learn from that? Guys, I've only had a serious relationship And really, he was a wonderful person Actually! I tell you because it was not a bad separation I admit that the matter became very conflictive after we broke up, why.

And this is what everyone told me: You can not be friends after they finish I really tried with all my strength to be friends And it did not work, it became very conflictive, and I think it was there that it got like that When you start fooling around and do not have a 'title', just.

He started dating other people, and it was valid, because he's single.

He still wrote to me, and we kept talking.

And when you have a history, they are not just friends Link and all that.

You know I ended up annoyed with him, for a while While when we finished initially, everything was fine I mean, not totally well, but I did respect him as a person But during.

During that break.

I never.

I cried, I did not feel so angry.

Before I never.



I would like to have listened to people, but at the same time it's like, sometimes you have to learn things yourself Y.

You know.

I know, I already learned that lesson And I can pass it on to someone else who will not listen to me until I've experienced it for myself too Have you ever thought about doing some plastic surgery?.

Do not I'm a bit against that, really It feels weird to say that out loud Because I've never said it Because so many people that I know have plastic surgery So I did not want them to think that I'm judging them, because it's not like that I would never judge anyone to do what they want with their body Absolutely You never know I mean, I say this now, but who knows how I'll feel in a few years What I think about plastic surgery.

It's not necessarily like that.

I mean, maybe you're uncomfortable with your breasts, with your nose, with your lips.

I understand that There's something that is making you feel bad about that, and most of the time it's something external And it's a matter of ego, and maybe that makes you feel better And sometimes maybe yes, it makes you more confident That's incredible, you know? But what I want to ask people when they do it is What made you think your nose is not right? Was it a picture of someone else? Were they maybe years of.

? Maybe all your sisters had their nose operated, Maybe everyone in your family had their nose operated, so you're expected to do it too.

It's that normal Could it be that all your friends are having breasts? I do not know, they are things like that.

Or maybe it's all the content you consume from girls that look all the same, you know? So those are all the questions that I always propose when it comes to plastic surgery I feel there is always something that triggers your re-evaluation of yourself 'How and why were you interested in skincare? I love you ' I love you more What made me interested in skincare were acne breakouts I feel that when you have a problem, you are interested in something, right? Then I started to sprout and started to research a lot I read Caudalie's book When I started reading that book and immersed myself in it Then I went to Korean skincare and I was very interested And then I read Paula's Choice.

I just read many books, many articles I'm filling up a lot, so I'm going to jump straight to the wings 'on fire' These are, supposedly, the hottest Let's see.

I'm not even sweating.

The habanero mango made me sweat a little But.

Let's try them They are spicy, but not so much Has a boy ever judged you for being an influencer? I want to invent like a.

as a job I mean, I do not want to lie, I hate to lie I do not know, decorate the truth or something.

They have to help me create a new title for my job Because this is my only job.

I only do Youtube I know that many people ask me if I continue in style and that I want to go back to styling to.

I have certain artists in mind I would go back just for music My lips are burning! So.

It has always been hard for me to say, when I know guys or when I travel.

And the question always arises And what do you work? That allows people to filter how they judge you.

I do not know if they understand me If, for example, I said that I work in.

If I said I work at Google or something like that, people would be like 'Hell!' 'God, it's smart' O 'Ah, know about technology' I do not know the stereotypes, I do not know where I'm going with this! It's like a way to filter how they talk to you, in a way Usually or they are confused and do not understand.

Or they know exactly what it is and they ask me how many subscribers or followers I have That's always the next question, because that's another way of judging you, to know if.

I do not know.

To know if it's a serious race or not? For example, if I said that I have 2 subscribers, they would stay like 'Ah.

Yes, you are Youtuber' I try as much as possible not to say anything Because the other thing, apart from judging you, that they're going to do it anyway, whether you're a teacher, janitor, manager of a beauty company.

Whatever They will judge you anyway Be impressed or not That's their business, it has nothing to do with you The other thing is that they can look for you And later.

You can search my videos! And it's very rare for me They have an advantage, in a way That is, you can see the 50 things about me, or you can see these Questions and Answers And you already have a better idea of ​​how I am And I can not do that with them, and I like to have the advantage.

I am Virgo, duh.

I want to analyze you completely But.

I do not like that people have the advantage over me It is very easy to find out what I do, so I do not like to lie But.

I lied once, and they caught me What is my height? I measure 1.

52 cm How did I learn Spanish? My dad is from Mexico and my mom from Panama, so I grew up speaking Spanish Do you Facetune your selfies and portraits? Really, the only thing I do sometimes is add a little 'Detail' A little bit in the eyes And also.

I always edit.

There is a point on my wall where I take pictures that is stained with lipstick I always remove it with Facetune and increase the brightness.

A tad And sometimes I have hair on my mustache And it looks in the photo.

Then I eliminate it I do so with the.

Let me open it I really do not like Facetune Well, here is this picture And I usually take the matching tool I zoom and then this It really does not have hairs, but if it had and that.

It really is not so spicy Who is your animal spirit? O What is my animal spirit? I'll say it's Azis Ansari He is my animal spirit Oh! That is water? Thank God, I'm burning 'Love advice? Friend, it's difficult here Little girl, I know! I hear you It's very difficult in Los Angeles, I think How to make funds like this? Oh! The collages I use on Instagram I like to make moodboards, I always use Canva Use canva, I would recommend them very much You can do thumnails, Instagram posts, collages.

They can do a lot of things.

I love Canva, and it's free You are single? If yes, why? I'm sorry, darling, I really love you.

But I hate that question How the hell do I answer that? Tell me you.

100% seriously Because when they ask me that question.

My blood boil And literally, honey, I do not want to be disrespectful I'm looking at your other questions here, and I'll answer them Because I love you for taking the time to participate in this Questions and Answers And they have asked me this question a million times.

It always causes a reaction in my And I just say 'Bro, I do not know how to answer that.

I do not know why I'm single, it's just like that' It's not my time, the universe has someone better for me.

I do not know I mean, I do not know what you want me to say to you, you know? I feel that this became more of a video about love, because I think I have answered many questions about my career in other videos Then I'm going to leave those down there For those of you who want to know more about how I started in styling.

I have full videos about that As well as on tips to start and where I am now Well, they want me to tell them about love.

I'm trying to think about the last person I went on a date with.

I think I'm not good at dating I go to many first dates Although neither, already Not even that anymore I have already reached the point of meeting someone at a party or in a bar or whatever I do not go out that much anymore, but when I go out I always know someone I would say that 85% of the time, I know someone and we exchange names, blah blah blah The thing is that I think that for a lot of 2018 I was actively looking for someone And I was emanating a desperate energy And that's why I tweeted that.

And I posted it on Instagram I said 'NO to desperate energy.

Keep things away.

Everything will happen when it has to happen.

Do not try to force it ' When you say 'I need it, I need it, I need it', the universe like.

It's like 'No, girl!' You have your hands on the universe To give you what you want, be it a man, be thin, work.

Have your acne removed.

Whatever You scream in despair, when you should just let go of things That was a great learning It was very strange I was in Panama, when this happened I met a guy, we like each other, we went on a date, we left.

And I thought 'You better write to me in the morning' I mean, I was already thinking that, you better write to me And, suddenly, when I said that to myself Something happened in me that made me start laughing, and I thought 'Whatever, girl' That is.

Not even.

I mean, he's in Panama, what do you care if he writes to you? It's an ego thing! It was my ego, which told me 'I'm not that kind of girl, you better write to me' As soon as I started laughing and realized that I did not even care, the message came to me And not just him.

It was very strange the next day They were from other guys that I liked and that Of those that are not indifferent to you They started to resurface in my life And I thought 'This is crazy' Because I finally let go of all that I need, I need it I need to have this, and to write to me, and not to be ignored, and blah blah blah That's why I wrote that But it does not only apply to boys: it applies to everything Well, with that guys.

I leave I really hope you enjoyed spending this time with me I know it was very long, but I think I owed them a long time ago Honestly, it was very nice to just talk to you I hope you have learned something, I do not know, that you feel motivated.

Or that you feel that you are not alone I do not know what you can get out of this video, but I hope you can get something out It is not a joke.

Not really The habanero magician was the best, the most spicy The title of the most spicy is won by the mango habanero It's the usual.

This has always been my baby, although I had not literally eaten it in 3 years I would love to make the challenge of The Hot Ones I have to get those hot sauces, and we can make a real spicy one The challenge of the phantom Chile.

And we will see if I survive that, because I swear to you that my tolerance is very high Tell me which is your favorite Buffalo Wild Wings wing And I hope you take some of this video It was great fun for me to sit here and open up with you I'm still salivating like crazy, so excuse me if I drag the words But I love them very much, and I will see them in my next video.