– Oh dear god.

So my first tattoo, 16 or17 when I first got it, which was completelyagainst my mother's rules, and she didn't didn't find out about it until I was 25.

Your girl is good.

– It was something Isaid I would never do.

Like, "I'm never gonna have a tattoo.

"There's nothing I like enough to wanna "put it on my body forever.

" – I actually found thisimage on gift wrapping.

– Felt really naiveand I didn't wanna just walk into some place like,"Do you guys do tattoos?" – The first night like after I got it, I was like, "What have I done?" – Told my mom after and shedidn't talk to me for a week.

– Apparently she's alwayshad this fantasy that we were gonna get tattoos together.

Never verbalized.

– They were just like, well it's not like an ex's name on my back or something.

– It's uh, my ex-girlfriend's handwriting.

I was thinking about gettinga line through it, maybe.

– I was like, "Man this is so awesome" that I had a tattoo,so I literally went to the tattoo shop and lookedon the wall and I was like, "That one.

" And that was my, literallythat was my first tattoo.

– I was going throughsome turmoil and I felt like everything was very outof my control and I wanted a pain that I could control.

Something that hurt,but I did it, you know, not the world.

– So I was like, "You know what? "I need a day off.

I need to just reset andbe able to remember, like, I'm more than the shitty job I'm working, I'm a human being.

And I was at a cafe withone of my best friends and we were just trying tothink about how we could enjoy my day off and theidea came up to, like, "What if I got a tattoo?" We eventually just settledon something within an hour and then we were at theclosest tattoo place and it was happening.

– It was on a Friday the 13thwhere basically for 13 bucks, they'll tattoo like a smalltattoo onto your body.

I had a group of friendsand we all basically got the same tattoo.

– I did get one tattoobefore the queen chest piece and that was of my firstlover boyfriend's initials.

And the only reason I wanted to modify, it didn't make anymore sense to me.

– I was in college stilland my younger brother had run away when I wasyoung and then when I finally found him, he hada whole bunch of tattoos all over his arms and tokind of connect with him, I said I would get one.

– It happened in two stages.

I got a tattoo when I was 17 and I added onto it about10 or 11 years later.

So I wasn't old enough yet and I borrowed a friend's ID, and welooked pretty much alike, so it worked, and I told herI wanted to get a baseball with my initials underneath, and she goes, "Well why do you wantEJP tattooed on your arm "if your name is Andy Sager?" – [Interviewer] Oh shit.

– I was meeting mysister-in-law for dinner but she shot me a text sayingthat she was running late, so I took a walk around the neighborhood and there was a tattooparlor so I stopped by and said that I had like20 minutes, I love cats, what can you do? And he was like, "How aboutthis silhouette of a cat?" I was like, "That'll do.

" – And he was like doingthe tattoo and he was like falling asleep and my brother was like, he was like, "No, nodon't worry, don't worry.

"He does his best work when he's high.

" I was like, "Okay.

" It's not the coolesttattoo, but it was something to kind of connect with him.

– Uh, I looked at the woman and I said, "Well EJP are the initialsof a friend of mine "who I grew up with playing baseball "and he passed away recently.

" I felt bad the momentthe words left my mouth, but it worked like a charm.

– And afterwards it waslike, "Oh, there it is.

"There it's been, forever.

" It's not so much puttingsomething on myself.

It's like I'm exposing it.

Like it's always been there,it's just now I can see it and everyone else can.

– But she did it in a waythat she put the initials in a little scroll, and itwas very kind of morbid, which totally makes senseconsidering what she thought to be the truth.

– At first I was like,"You know, the line's a "little bit wonky, maybe it's imperfect.

" But it was my firsttattoo, it was impulsive.

I'm okay with her being imperfect.

– You don't even know they're there and then when you remember them, it just, it brings backa memory or whatever and you're like, "That was funny," or "That was really dumb.

" – I think of them, Ithink of what it was like to be that age and have those friends and sort of the life that we had.

– We spend so much, I spent so much time saying the things I would never do.

Like, "I'm never gonnamove away from Seattle.

"I'm never gonna get a tattoo.

" And then I did them andlike, I'm still here.

I'm still me.

I'm just open to the world more.

I'm open to allowingmyself to change more, which fuckin', is rad as hell.

Like, yeah.