– [Woman] Sharon was our muse.

– [Man] Whether I had agood day or a bad day, Sandy would be there.

– [Man] 'Cause he was a,just larger than life guy.

– [Woman] There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about him.

– [Man] Honestly, one of the best people I could ever say I've met in my life.

– [Woman] This reallyembodied our relationship.

– [Man] Whenever I miss him, I'll kind of like rub my hand on it and just kinda know that he's there.

– My dog, which I'm such an animal lover, so my dogs are my babies, he passed away from cancer,almost 10 years ago now.

And so I got his little paw prints to always kinda keep him with me.

I didn't have the easiestchildhood growing up, probably like many other people, but having this creature, that I can just be 100% myself with, just knowing what pure,unconditional love is.

– It's an angel wing formy uncle, my late uncle.

He was a very important person to me, honestly, one of the best people I could ever say I've met in my life, and he passed when I was in sixth grade.

He was honestly like just, like one of the biggest male influences, like, he would sometimesbuy two of the same toy or whatever he'd get my cousin, just to give it to me,just because he knew that times were tough.

And I kinda believe thatever since he's passed, he's been with me every step of the way, everything I've been able to accomplish, is by some hand, him helpingme or him being by my side, so that's really a important one to me.

– My Mom's dad got Alzheimer's, and in the last few years of his life, everything to him was just marvelous, every time he looked at something, every time he walked into the room, might not remember your namebut he'd look at you and smile and his eyes would light up and he'd say "You're marvelous, that's just marvelous.

" It's such a small thing,but I think it means a lot, to be able to look at the worldand say that it's marvelous, even when you've got, maybe nothing left.

– I had a best friendthroughout high school who had sickle cell anemia, and she had been inand out of the hospital ever since I knew her, so it was like, I didn't think much of it, it was very like, okay,Nicky's going to the hospital, she'll be out soon, you know? I ended up getting a bad haircut.

I called her and I talkedto her on the phone for a little bit, and I was like, Nicky, whatdo I do, like blah blah, and then she was like "Dude, like I'm in the hospital right now, "getting chemotherapy, like,shut the fuck up," you know? If you evaluate what's really important, that was the last communicationI ever had with her, 'cause she passed awaya few weeks after that.

This really embodied our relationship.

She was always kinda keeping me grounded and keeping me level headed.

– Sandy, my dog, was like my best friend.

Whether I had a good day or a bad day, Sandy would be there.

She was 20, so she was getting pretty old.

I woke up one morningand she was in her cage, and her cage was kinda ruffled around.

Picked her up and I laiddown on the couch with her and fell asleep, and I wokeup like two hours later and she was shaking andshe was having a stroke.

It sucked, you know, and it still sucks.

It was about six months ago,so I think about it often.

I always knew my dog was gonna be there, I always knew my dog was gonna be there.

So, to look at it and see it, is, it's just good to havethat memory, for sure.

– My big one is this oneof The Little Prince.

I lost my brother, to suicide.

He was bipolar, manic depressive.

I wanted to get The LittlePrince, it was a favorite of his.

On my heart, becausethat's where, you know, I keep him in my heart now.

And it just seemed appropriate.

One detail that I added, was there's a little shooting star, you know, because he'ssomewhere up there hopefully, looking down.

– There's, what, six of usaltogether in my family, and she was the third one,as far as the birth chain, and I'm the baby.

Sharon was our muse, she was the one who wascourageous and brave.

We called her the hummingbird, so I have a beautiful hummingbird.

She has my back, andshe lives in my spirit, 'cause she had cancer, you know.

It hurts me sometimes whenI see so many people hurting and I just wanna helpeverybody but I can't, I'm only one person.

But, if I can do a littlebit, hey, you know, I'm happy with that.

– It's a tough transition, you know, but it's part of life, for sure.

– Whenever I miss him, I think about him, I'll like, kind of like rub my hand on it, or you know, I'll just kind of like, just like, feel where it is, and just kind of know that he's there.

– Her spirit was justcontagious and magnetic, and so now, I'm startingto adapt that into my life, just to blossom and fly, like the hummingbird she is, you know! Every day is not guaranteed for any of us, so embrace the now moments, that's where I'm like,the now moves, you know.

'Cause, you just don'tknow, you just don't know.

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