-Why — if the President isinviting foreign interference, why is that not groundsto move towards impeachment? And what concrete stepscan you take to try and prevent himfrom doing that? -Excuse me one sec.

I didn't know I needed water,but I guess I do.

The, um — Everybody in the countryshould be totally appalled by what the Presidentsaid last night.

Should be totally appalled.

But he has a habit of makingappalling statements.

This one borders onso totally unethical that he doesn'teven realize it.

However, what we want to do is have a methodical approachto the path that we are on, and this will beincluded in that.

But not any one issueis going to trigger, "Oh, now we'll go do this," because it's aboutinvestigating, it's about litigating,it's about getting the truth to hold everyone accountable,and no one is above the law.

But I want to get backto our legislation, because that is whatthe American people elected us to do.

They elected us to,for the people agenda, to increase paychecks,lower healthcare costs, have cleaner government.

Many of these piecesof legislation are in that.

What is it about Mitch McConnelland the Republicans in Congress that they do notwant to respond to what is so popularacross the board in our country? To take it backto your question, what is it aboutthe Republicans in Congress? How much more can they bear of the President'sunethical behavior that they think that they arehonoring their oath of office? And I believe theseare all connected.

I think it's all about money.

Connect the dotsin all of this.

It's all about money.

And look at what the Presidentis doing in terms of Saudi Arabia, and the sale of,perhaps, nuclear technology as well as planesto Saudi Arabia.

Follow the money.

Who benefits from that? To declare a national emergency that he can bypass Congressin terms of those sales, bypass the lawin terms of transferring of any nuclear technologyto a country.

Follow the money.