Huawei flagshipspresented Huawei has officially failed its new flagship Huawei P 30 andP 30 Pro read more about the flagship Huawei P 30 Pro told in this articleHuawei P 30 Pro has a curved OLED display with a diagonal of six pointfour seven inches and a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels the display of thesmartphone has a minimum frame around the perimeter the upper frame remainedit is made in the form of a small teardrop shaped notch full performanceHuawei P 30 pro system is responsible for the flagship eight core processorhere in 980 the chip supports eight gigabytes of RAM the amount of internalmemory of the smartphone is 256 gigabytes battery capacity is 4200 inhua there is support for fast charging with 40 watts and wireless charging with15 watts a key feature of the p30 pro is a camera with 4 sensors 40 megapixelwith an F 1.

6 aperture and support for 10x hybrid zoom 20 megapixel f 2.

2aperture and ultra-wide lens 8 megapixel telephoto lens with F 3.

4 aperture tophcamera for measuring the depth in the frame the camera allows you to takeamazing pictures in low-light conditions and use 7.

8 X optical zoom 10x hybridzoom and 50x digital zoom who always said that the p30 pro camera makes itpossible to take pictures of objects that are distant to a distance of 580meters from the camera also the flagship camera supports the new imagestabilization system that uses artificial intelligence technologyHuawei P 30 Pro has ip68 water protection dimensions smartphones 158times seventy three point four times eight point four one millimeters weight192 grams price Huawei P 30 pro from 999 euros the release date of the Huawei P30 pro is not currently announced from March 26 on the Huawei P 30 Pro willopen the possibility of pre-order.