-Impeachment isa political question, though, not a legal one.

-It is by design an inherentlypolitical process.

-Impeachment is sort of theatomic bomb of political tools.

-This has become the soundtrackof our age, that the decision to impeachis political, not legal, not moral,not constitutional.

Don't listen to this drumbeat.

If you hear someone sayimpeachment is a political question,don't buy it.

The framers of the Constitutioncertainly didn't.

See, the Constitutionis a legal document, and impeachment isa constitutional mechanism.

Therefore, impeachmentis a legal mechanism.

It was designed by the framersto permit the republic to hold the presidentaccountable for wrongdoing while in office.

-Then it's time for new leadership for the United Statesof America.

-Yes, members of Congress,politicians, must judge whether a president'sactions are treason, bribery, or other high crimesand misdemeanors.

-President Clintonhas been impeached.

-But the Senate makesits judgment on oath and under the presidingauthority of the chief justice of the Supreme Court.

-The Senate adjudgesthat the respondent, William Jefferson Clinton,president of the United States, is not guilty as charged in thesecond article of impeachment.

-The view that everythingis just politics reduces the world to the cynicalpursuit of power over others.

-If we don't get what we wantone way or the other, whether it's through you,through a military, through anythingyou want to call, I will shut down the government.

-Okay, absolutely.

-This tactic will never build a healthy, prosperous society.

The framers of the Constitutioncreated impeachment as a legal mechanismto pursue the common good.

That's how we should thinkabout it, not as a political toolto serve one party's interest.

-Essentially impeachmentis a political process.

-Impeachment'sa political process.

-Yeah, it's political,but, you know, it's supposed to be high crimesand misdemeanors.

-Otherwise, we'll let thisinsidious soundtrack corrupt us, too.