– Are you feeling a little skeptical of all the online dogtraining opportunities that you see out thereand you're always worried if it's actually worth your money? Well here on the YouTube channel, I try to bring value to you guys in all sorts of different ways and we've had lots of cool opportunities to do that, but today in this video, I'm gonna show yousomething pretty special.

We've been working on something for the last couple of months to bring to you, our amazing community, and in this video I'm gonnashow you what that is.

It's actually inside this mystery box.

I can't wait to show you.

I'm Ken Steepe and welcomeback to McCann Dogs.

(gentle music)(dog yaps) In our training facility every single week we help more than 500 dogowners who are just like you to overcome their dog training challenges.

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When I started doing family dog training with my dog, Deegan, I was really busy, but it but it was somethingI was really committed to.

I really needed her to be safe.

I wanted her to listen better.

And I'd find that I'dhave times here and there throughout the week that Icould do something with her.

I always wondered, what's the best thing I could do with her.

Is there something I could work on to accomplish these goals and really make that time quality time that I spent with her? Now you might remember Shannon Viljaso, she's been on the channeldoing lots of trick tutorials, but she's actually ourdirector of online training.

Her and I love the idea of mystery boxes or of loot boxes, love that idea.

We wanted to bring you something valuable that you could use at home and sometimes the ideaof these loot crates or loot boxes are cost prohibitive.

But she and I came up withsomething really, really awesome and rather than me telling you about it, I wanna introduce you to someone.

(percussion music) Please welcome tiny Shannon Viljaso, the workshop directorand mini-course director.

– I don't even know how I got in there.

I remember something about peanut butter and then everything just went black.

Oh well, I'm here.

My name is Shannon and Iam excited to bring you our free workshops every single month.

We'll be releasing fun andfast and exciting things for you to do with your dogs.

Between obedience skillsand games and tricks, we'll be releasing full tutorial workshops the first of every month.

And we want you to try outyour first free workshop which is the attention workshop and we're going to workon teaching your dogs to watch you(bell dings) when you've asked them to do so and even decide on their own to watch you when you maybe haven'tasked them to do so.

So tune in, the workshop is live right now and you are absolutelywelcome to give it a shot and go through the whole thing.

– Thanks tiny Shannon.

I'm really excited for you guys to have this opportunityto work on these skills, new set of skills every single month.

Now I've dropped a linkin the description below so if you're interested indoing more with your dog, definitely check out that link.

(clock ticking) Hey Kayl, did you ordersomething from Amazon? – [Kayl] No, I didn't order anything.

Did you order something? – No I wasn't expecting anything.

It's got a great bigquestion mark on the front.

– [Kayl] Well, I didn't order anything.

Can you tell what's init by looking on the box? – No I don't, it's not that heavy.

(box rattling)(box squeaking) Sounds like maybe it's asqueaky toy or something.

(bell dings) (box crinkles)If you're looking to be a better leader for your dog, check out that playlist beside me.

It's a bunch of skills and exercises that are all about showing your dog what a great leader you can be.

Now if this is your firsttime on the channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button.

We publish new videos every single week to help you have a well-behavedfour legged family member.

I'll see you guys in theworkshop, happy training.