My name is Sohaila and welcome to my online belly dance classes every week is a new inspiring class tailored just for you I make my class is fine interactive and inspiring all while getting a great workout specially me being a technical teacher that I am you’re always working on something different beautiful intriguing details fabulous lower drop drills finger cymbals combinations much more have not learning how to roll a corner on your stamina here’s always something to learn so if you’re ready to have an inspiring passionate teacher that truly believes in your success when you were in the right place when you take my online classes it’s like you’re right pair with best in class also from my exclusive members we have some fun how to workshops when you enroll your instantly have access to all my instructional DVD’s and my live online classes so what are you waiting for by the way you can be prestech anytime Lake you want to learning class just email me so come on how great he is so hey international dot com and I’ll see you in class well.