The audiologist is the person who diagnoses hearing and balance disorders for every age group, informs,implements,and performs auditory rehabilitation especially for infants and children when they need to be followed up for proper hearing aids or cochlear implant use.

Hearing loss which cannot be corrected with medical and surgical procedures, depending on the type and degree of hearing loss, the hearing device is determined by setting a personal and appropriate.

If the individual does not benefit from the hearing aid, the appropriate implant is determined under the leadership of ENT physicians.

implant measurements and settings are regularly monitored by the audiologist.

The auditory rehabilitation of the individual is then planned and applied.

For children with a suitable device or a cochlear implant, it is not enough to use these alone.

In order to use these devices effectively, they must receive training under the supervision of the training audiologist.

The planned auditory rehabilitation process for each child is different.

The benefit of this device affects the child's development process,the family's anticipation and interest.

It is also known that babies who have been diagnosed early and implanted have the same hearing and speech abilities as their peers in their later ages after receiving the necessary education.

The audiologist aims to use the child's hearing loss in the best way,to improve his / her language and speech skills at age level by using auditory perception skills, and to improve his / her communication skills and to use them in daily life.