hello there I'm Chef Johnny and this isTexas Style BBQ And Cuisine glad you stopped by today we're going to bemaking up some breakfast burritos with a green hatch chili sauce on them we're gonna get started on this saucenow I know every sauce is different I know people hollered this holler thatthis sauce that I have is a lady I know in New Mexico sent me her recipe sowe're gonna go buy it to get started here I'm gonna take some of my Hatchchilies that we have we've roasted these and and peeled the skin off now I've gota video on how to do this so I'll put a link it's not a Hatch chili it's a bellpepper but it's the same process so you wanna you want to roast these don't putthem under water you'll see people go put that under water and the black willcome off and won't stick to your hands you're right but you're washing off allyour flavor also so we're gonna cut this recipe and half it called for a a poundof these peppers so what I'm gonna do is is I'm gonna take about half of it abouta half a pound so we got we had a pound of peppers it was six of them and if youcan't get a Hatch pepper then get an Anaheim it's the exact same species it'sjust grown in California instead of New Mexico but I'm gonna take these and whatI'm gonna do is is just cut them into strips and then I'll take those stripsand I'll dice these up some up but we're just gonna dice these up to kind of asmall dice take my peppers put them on a plate we'll set them over to the side I already have an onion diced up we're gonna use about a half of a medium size onion is I've already cooked down some pork and and I have that renderedoff I'm getting my stove up here and show you how we start making the sauceactually but I'm not gonna show you the part where we put the pork in and renderit down first thing I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna dump my flour in I got abouttwo ounces of flour going in about two ounces of the pork renderings and I'mgonna brown this just a little bit now remember the more you brown the roux theless it will thicken so we want to have some good flavor in here so we're gonna we're gonna brown this just a little bit more to get us that kind of smoky flavoryou get in a in a sauce whenever you cook that cook that flour up a littlemore where it's a little bit darker so don't go too fast you can burn a rouxreally easy once you've burnt it you've ruined it and there's no saving I throwit out start over again so well you tell my roux starting to take on some nicecolor starting get a little bit brown yeah okay I'm going to add my onions tothis now oh maybe half a cup of onion we're gonna cook down these onions andthat flour is just still gonna keep darkening adding that it's a flavorwhenever you dark ah roux up onions are looking pretty uh pretty tender gonna add my peppers to it garlic's going in be careful garlic will burn on you veryeasily so that's why you always kind of leave it to the last ooo I love that aroma when that garlic gets in there and starts cooking you start getting the flavor of that garlic coming up that is wonderful next thing I'm addis is a couple of cups of chicken stock add that do you read different recipessome of them have pork stock I guess that's why we rendered down some pork to start off with turn my heat back up now remember also your sauce won't thickenwithout that water and flour won't start thinking to you till you get it hot it'sgot to get close to a boil before it'll thicken so stir your roux in real welland I'm gonna tell you right now there is not a lot of seasonings in here ithas salt pepper and then some more powdered garlic to taste if you want itbut other than that that's it the star of this she calls it a green chili gravythe star is the peppers it is not anything else but the peppers you'll see recipeswith coriander and see recipes with cumin in it a lot ofdifferent things she doesn't do that she just makes the sauce and lets it kind ofspeak for itself but I have a nice sauce getting fairly thick here as its heatingup now the chicken base I use is a little bit salty so we already have somesalt in there but I'm gonna check this oh it's got a lot of flavor to itwithout a doubt turn it down some it's come up to that boil so it's thickenedabout all its going to I'm gonna shake in just a little saltremember to taste I don't think it needs any more garlic that fresh garlic seemsto have been plenty so a little bit of black pepper and again you know so Icalled this a gravy one time and somebody from New Mexico got all over methat is a green pepper sauce not a well my friend called it a gravy that's whatshe calls it so you make it like gravy and quite honestly gravy is the saucewe've got that it's nice and thick as it cools it's gonna thicken up a little bitmore Oh salt and pepper levels just right so I'mgonna set it to the side gonna get the blackstone out and show you how we'regonna make it by burrito we're gonna get started on our breakfast burrito whatI'm gonna do is put some oil out here on my griddle take my bacon get it on mygriddle here griddle should be nice and hot get a few slices of bacon going I hear it sizzling so Blackstone must be hot while my bacon is cooking there I'm gonna tell you i'ma do Whataburger if you've never tried waterburger sausage you don't know what you're missing I got a pound of it herewe're gonna put it out on the griddle this Bacon's looking good I'm gonna putit over here on this other side just to keep it warm we'll get a warming tray upthere for it but set it there let's flip these pieces they're just about donealso set my bacon right there and it'll staynice and warm don't have to worry about it getting cold sitting on that rackhave this sausage is about cooked I'm gonna push it off to the side thisburner here is off so it's just gonna be warm on this side and now in the middlearea it's on low but what we're gonna do here is we're start scrambling up someeggs and I've got about a half dozen eggs scrambled up with just a littlesalt and pepper on them and let's get a nice scramble going shows you how goodthis Blackstone griddle is seasoned look at that egg just slip right off ofthere no problems at all on that flip these overcook them all the way througheggs are scrambled let's get them over here to the other side I'm only hot inthe middle so I'm warm on the sides both of the ends are turned off got a big 12-inch tortilla here we're gonna drop down on this flattop startheating it up be careful don't get your tortilla crispy one thing you don't want to do is get it where you can't roll it but this one's looking pretty good putit right there you see it puffing up that tells you it's starting to cook I'mgonna take a good amount of eggs kind of sit just from the middle that way youdon't want them all the way down on it but that's looking pretty good rightthere let me get some of my Whataburger sausage it's in there make two strips ofbacon that looks pretty good take a little bit of my cheese I got some just Mexican blend here it's got some Jack and other ones in there Colby jack lets see what all it's got in there Monterey Jack cheddar asadero looking prettyonce again I'm going to pick this up get it up off this flattop where I can get holdof it not be too hot that's ready I'm gonna take it fold it in wrap it overand tuck all right wrap and tuck and fold and roll that burritos together so now pick it up move my cutting board I'm gonna put it top down let that sideget hot and we'll roll it over and get the bottom hot and then we're gonna getour green sauce to get on top of it take this now and roll it to my seam sidedown you see I got a little toast going on there that's gonna help melt thecheese that we had inside of it it's looking pretty good I'm gonna pick it upput down my cutting board plate burritos on there now we've had our green chilegravy or our green chile sauce sitting off to the side staying nice and hotkind of smother that burrito in it sit it down here take the rest of ourMexican blend cheeses cut this burrito in half well you you can hearthat crunch when I went through it with a knife on the nice crisp tortilla pickthis up boy this burritos looking pretty cut downinto it make sure I get some of that Hatch chili sauce on there big bite on this burrito that's a good smothered burrito tell you what for one that Whataburgersausage always do like that nice scrambled eggs some cheese in therehatch green chilies roasted up nice it's just it's a great breakfast burritogood any time of the day we're gonna call it a breakfast burrito but I tellyou what noon or night this would be good also there you have it hope youenjoyed it a fantastic smothered burrito with some green Hatch chilies on themfantastic sauce gravy whatever you want to call it it turned out fantastic Ihope you give it a try I hope you come back and watch some of my other videosI've got a great red chili recipe also using hats dried chilies you might wantto try and see that smothered burrito also it's a great recipe but thanks forstopping by I always appreciate it tell your friends and family about us shareus on your social media and we're gonna see you down the road on Texas StyleBBQ and Cuisine how them boys put food away beats all I've ever seen.