hey guys so I went to Ultaand I picked up something new.

my hair is really bizarre I only straighten fromlike the ears below so just leave me alone.

so I went to Ulta and I pickedup some of the new Kylie stuff and inside of Ulta they have new options forlip kits whether it's a matte lip kits or the velvet like the lipstick kitsfive eyeshadow palettes a couple of bullet lipsticks.

the first thing Ipicked up was the blue honey palette which is what I have on my eyes.

thisis the palette.

I used the top row, this color here and then the two corner shades, formy first look using the palette.

* Music * I think it's super beautiful.

I need to figure out how to keep this shimmer shade that I put on the center of my lid or across my lidmore opaque throughout the day because it goes on completely fine and then itkind of fades, but my eyeshadow has not creased.

so I don't know if I've put too much shadow on to begin with before I putthis on top and it works better on a carved out crease, or if it works better on topof something to always keep it opaque.

it is opaque, but maybe my blinking and fluttering mylittle lash the whole day kind of makes it wear off.

but nothing else has wornoff so I'm not quite sure exactly.

that's something I have to figure outit's nothing with their performance necessarily of this I don't think? alight blue with a gold green kind of shimmer through it.

it's so pretty andthen the color next to it it's one I actually have not used yet which is Ithink it is yeah that's blue honey this matte one right in the middle so this ismy first eyeshadow palette from a Kiley and so far I like it I will have to keepusing it see how it goes how it performs I picked up three lip kitsI have swatched them on my hands and everything to talk about them so Ipicked up three.

twenty, boss, and red velvet.

these two are matte lip kits and this one is avelvet lipkit.

all come with lip liners in the liquid lipstick displayed that they have, she has like 16 – 20 shades I'm not even sure how many she has.

and there'stimes of new shades or new from the first release that she had through Ultaand they still had some of the original shades like KoKo K and Posie I'm notquite sure how many new to the second release and they have the Ulta Beautycolor which is like a mafia kind of color.

they have one called party-girl which is super pretty it's like a fluorescentpink it's kind of a yellow based pink it's really like a neon Barbie pink, oh my god I look like Paul Revere.

the ones I chose to pick up for us were: twenty, boss, and red velvet.

I swatched some of my hand with some that it reminded me of any ofthose shades would look right with this old it nope oh no I didn't think any ofthose colors would look right with this eye look I'm wearing a different one ofhers and it's called shook so the first note I thought is 20 and 20 a mauve-ylooking shade.

it's not as dark as this and it's definitely like a mauve colorsometimes in the camera I noticed that it picks up probably with the lightit picks up like way pinkier so this is 20 what the lip liner and I thought whenI first thought oh my god that reminds me of Soar lip liner from Mac so i'veswatched sore in world because it reminds me of those tones and itdefinitely looks more like sore but it's not her kit is more like there's alittle more beige or like maybe a little more peach or brown or something kind ofto it it's not quite the same and then Whirl of course is more Brownor it's rosewood but it's more Brown so if you like those colors I definitelythink you should check out 20.

the next three can I have here are the three Redsthat I do have from our collection the first one here it's called a boss andboss is described as a soft cherry it's not quite as blue red as some Reds it'sdefinitely a little bit more yellow but it's not like a fluoroor a neon kind of red and it's not as yellow as red velvet, but it is a yellowkind of red it's like maybe I don't even want tosay it's a neutral red.

it's like equal parts blue equal parts yellow andwent I first watched this and I looked the tube I was like that remindsme of a ABH Strawberry so i've swatched Strawberry right next to it and theylook super super similar but they're not.

ABH Strawberry is a little bit more blueit's a little bit more of an orange-y red with a blue undertone and Kylie's ismore like of a.

Not not quite as blue then we have red velvet which is thevelvet finish with the lip liner and this is a stain on my hand so we'llforget that.

this is described as a vivid red.

it's definitely like a yellowbased red it's gonna look so good for summertime and then just for comparison I put Mary Jo K which is one of the first Reds that she came out with ifnot the first red.

and it's definitely a darker red and it's definitely a blue red Mary Jo Kay's closest to my knuckle andthen you can see boss and strawberry I don't think ABH makes the strawberryliquid lipstick anymore so if you're looking for a prettysimilar tone I would say check out boss from Kylie.

I really like the colors.

I'ma sucker for red.

I think these are super beautiful and I will definitely bewearing these and talking about them and everything.

I just wanted to talk aboutthe quick little review quick mini tut' on the eyeshadow so far I really likethis blue honey palette and the lipkits I really like them :3 these are totally my tonesmy tones my tones.

and then I am wearing (Shook velvet lip–cut off audio!) just wanted to do a little quick minihaul and review on the second launch of the Kylie products I'd say check it outthere's a lot of really cute stuff super cute colors there's tons ofcolors that I was like oh like, Bare.

I've always wanted the originals theoriginal three colors that she came out with I will never forget that launch dateI remember exactly what I was doing, I remember exactly what was going on inlife, I just remember it and I remember going to the website putting them all in my cart and I was like I'm gonna get them and then they were all sold out.

thank you so much for watchingmy quick little review demo of some of the new Kylie products anythingregarding the eyeshadow palette you would like to see or the lip kits oranything I just wanted to give a quick little let's talk second launch of theKylie cosmetics that are available at Ulta now.

I did swatch some of the bulletlipsticks super nice I thought about getting the Boss bullet lipstick andthat's super nice it's super creamy maybe another day.

but yeah I just wantedto do a quick little mini discussion and swatches of some of the new colors andwhen I've picked up mini haul type of thing just from Kylie and show you whatI'm working with i'll see you next time, bye!!!!!.