My insides are burning and I'm tearing up oh My TV's at your girl honey, and today I'm reading the new nuclear fire noodles, so let's dig in because I'm so hungry! So today I made four.

So let's put in our sauce and mix it up! 1 You guys can see it says two times spicy " Heck Sauce" 2 Feel like the color is a little more reddish orangish than the older nuclear fire noodles 3 4.

SPEW!!!! I'm not gonna lie.

I am a little bit nervous Because I watched other korean mukbangers try this and they could not finish their noodles because it was so spicy! Of course we can't forget our flakes It's snowing flakes! Before we get started.

I do want to coat my stomach Because I heard that this is really spicy.

And this is my favorite milk Save me MOOOOOO! 🙂 Sleeves up So Samyang sent me these so these aren't released in America yet as you can see the new one This heck is a lot bigger than this one.

Meaning that it's a lot spicier Phew.

:/ Ready? Let's try this you guys Noodle of dust YUM SLUUURRPP! MMMmmm you guys.

It's actually not that spicy it does have a little bit more of that tingly spice But you guys know that the nuclear fire noodle is the perfect amount of spice for me.

So this is a better kick So far so good, MMM!! You guys might not know but when I was cooking this My hand was a little shaky because like it was so nervous.

I got so scared that it might be too spicy for me But who knows the spice might kick in Mmm I'm gonna try to finish this without drinking anything But of course I have my pickled radish here to help me with the texture It is getting a little bit spicy now It's actually a yummy spice Because you know, sometimes those super deadly spices it doesn't taste good it's just really spicy but this is So yummy You know what I I might not even need my pickled radishes I'm enjoying this you guys I thought I would be crying and sweating.

So I turned the AC on in the winter.

And right now it's raining outside *muffled* Yummy! My lips are getting a little bit tingly samyung lipstick It's actually getting a little bit spicy now my eyes are a little teary do you guys see that? But I'm almost done you guys It's kicking in now *un-controlable sniffles* LAST BITE! It actually wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be but the spice is kicking in a little bit But this was a little over perfect amount of spice for me, but it was definitely delicious whoa But not to the point where I need milk a few moments later nevermind My insides are burning and I'm tearing up Thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did Please don't hit the subscribe button if you haven't already and to become a huynee bee and like this video if you guys liked it And I'll see you guys in my next video Bye.