(upbeat music) Hi, I'm Sharon Wilson Geno,the chief operating officer for Volunteers of AmericaNational Services.

I'm so excited to celebrate with you our recent designationas a great place to work.

When I came to Volunteersof America National Services about three and a halfyears ago I knew it was gonna be good but I had noidea how great it would be to work with our tremendousteam here and serve our amazing residents andcommunities across the country.

I had a chance overthe last couple of days to read many of the comments that you provided on your survey and want to thank youfor your time and effort.

The number one reason that you think Volunteers of America National Services is the great place towork is your tremendous and amazing commitment to our residents.

Thank you for that.

And I also want to thank our teammates and would ask them toprovide videos and to tell us a little bit more about why they think Volunteers of America National Services is a great place to work.

I hope you enjoy them.

– VOA is a great place to work because it's friendly,the people are great, people are passionate about what they do, great benefits and yeah, Ienjoy coming to work everyday.

– Hi, I love Volunteers of America because everybody here workstogether like a family.

So it's a great place to work and everyone works as though eachmember was a family member.

– I'm Anna from marketing.

– And I'm Yvonne from activities and together we pull our weight to enrich the lives of all our residents.

– And we like to have fun.

– My name is Joel, Residents Director here at Elder Homestead Assisted Living and the best thing thatI like about working at Elder Homestead would be the residents, the family members and the staff.

I just think we're like one big family.

– Volunteers of Americais a great place to work because everyone gets along really well, we all have positive attitudes and it's like a little family.

– I work for Volunteers of America and I've been with them for the past eight and a half years and I'm a coach.

What the main coaches are trained staff that come in employees untilthey've accompanied policy.

Volunteers of America is a good place 'cause they have goodbenefits 'cause I know what I got from themwhen I had an accident.

So they are very caring, understanding, (mumbles) so I would encourageanybody that are looking for work to come to Volunteers of America and try it's a good, nice place to work.

– VOA is a great place to work for.

They're very supportive to you and the people that live here are awesome.

I really enjoy working in thekitchen with the residents.

– VOA is a great place to work.

I've been here five years, I love it.

– Volunteers of Americais a great place to work because we have a tremendously talented group of people working forus that are very committed to the mission of Volunteers of America.