(upbeat music) – Are you ready to buy a home? Well congratulations but beforeyou start the buying process there are some things youneed to know to prepare.

In today's Sell it with Shields, realtor Myranda Shields is with us.

She has advice on credit scores.

Are all credit scores the same? – No, if you go to buy acar, get a credit card, or buy a house your credit score is gonna be different each time.

– All right and you weresaying and I love this tip that we should have alender actually check our credit score beforewe start paying things off 'cause a lot of people thinkyou need to pay things down.

– Right.


Sometimes you can paythe wrong thing down.

That'll affect your credit score.

Also, you need to look at your loan ratios with your income sothe lender can give you the best advice on what to pay down.

– All right and you said some people may qualify for a house thatdon't even qualify for.

– A credit card.

– All right.

So keep that in mind.

Want to give our Shieldshout out today to Jennifer.

– [Myranda] Yes, this is Jennifer McEwan.

She moved out here from California.

She came out one day, weshowed her some houses, and we took care of the rest.

– [Interviewer] All rightand the cool thing is she's no jerk.

She's gonna answer your call.

The Shield Realty Groupcovers the entire valley.

You can call or messageMyranda at 602-551-SOLD.

That's 602-551-7653 orvisit SellItWithShields.