Most important way MATCH has allowed me to apply things from the classroom have been really seeing a perfect public health prevention program in action.

It's interdisciplinary.

It has all of those key things that public health programs to be successful need to move that needle on childhood obesity.

[Music] My favorite public health skill that I've been able to use with the MATCH program has been implementing a specific survey for teachers.

We take their suggestions and we really do try to apply that to the program in the next year.

Well, I got to see how my own work is actually used and applied and I get to see, know, the app that I've spent the entire semester making, I actually go out and be deployed and then students using them and see how it'll help them with their health regimen and help them become more proactive in taking their diet into their own hands.

The teachers are implementing all of these lessons as well as provides to them and they're aligned to a North Carolina State Standards and they're able to utilize them and know which standards they're touching on.

And so with the MATCH Wellness Program, it goes in-depth and with a lot of you, we do a lot of talking and we demonstrate to them versus them actually do hands-on.

Our education seeks to change lives for the better and there's no greater example of that than MATCH, which is changing the behaviors of children dealing with obesity, turning them into advocates, who encourage better eating habits at home, and influencing broader communities to embrace a healthier lifestyle.