Great brand names get copied, and this iswhy Monitoring Trademark Usage is so important.

You see, over time, your markcan be squeezed through something called "Dilution.

" So, describing this over time,let's go back to the year, the day that you get your Trademark Registration.

It'skind of this Blue Ocean time.

There are no competitors out there copying your mark.

But as your brand gains notoriety and fame, all of a sudden, competitors will start popping up.

So, you know, I drew this (this is arbitrary of course) but between years 5 and 10, competitors are starting tokind of put a squeeze on the use of your name.

And then if you don't monitoryour mark, so you can tell them to stop using your mark, then they can just kindof eat it away just, you know, kind of like the "Pac-Man Ghost" right? Justsqueeze it smaller and smaller.

If you don't think this can happen to you, wellit's happened to some pretty famous brands in the past.

It almost happened toKleenex recently, but it has happened to – Are you ready for this? Refrigerator,Roller Skates, Escalator, Aspirin, Zipper and Kerosene.

At one time, those were allRegistered Trademarks.

So, don't let that happen to you, get on a MonitoringProgram.

You'll want to monitor of course the internet, but other sources of use ofyour registered name and logo.

And that way, you won't get diluted, "squeezed out.

" So, contact me to learn how to monitor your mark, and I look forward to seeingyou in the next video.