Welcome to MI Bridges, brought to you by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

MI Bridges is a website designed to help you apply for benefits, explore resources organizations, and manage your case.

MI Bridges is easy to access anytime and anywhere using a computer, tablet, or your mobile phone by visiting www.


Gov/mibridges When you register and log into MI Bridges there are many features you can take advantage of including apply for benefits explore local resources that may be helpful and if your receive benefits you can use MI Bridges to manage your case Let's talk about each of these in more detail.

MI Bridges makes applying for benefits simple and easy You can apply for Healthcare coverage, Food Assistance, Cash Assistance, ChildcareYou can apply for Healthcare coverage, Food Assistance, Cash Assistance, Childcare and emergency relief.

Including assistance with utilities, housing , and burial costs.

and emergency relief.

Including assistance with utilities, housing , and burial costs.

The application is customized based on the programs you are applying for and saves your progress automatically as you record information so that you can take a break and can comeback at anytime.

It is also available in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

Not only can you apply for benefits using MI Bridges but you can also connect to state programs and resources or agencies in your local community.

All you have to do is select a topic you would like assistance with such as food or housing, answer a few simple questions and MI Bridges will connect you to resources that may be helpful and you can add resources to you my resources page to keep track of all your resources in one place so you can quickly access the information you need.

If you are looking for a specific type of resource or support you can use the explore resources feature to quickly search for help near you Enter your address, select from a variety of resource topics and see a map and list of resources near you.

If you receive benefits from MDHHS you can manage your case using MI Bridges.

At anytime you can view details like benefit amounts, when benefits will be available on your bridge card or when you need to renew without having to call MDHHS as part of managing your case you can report changes and submit renewals for your benefits.

These features make it easy for you to tell MDHHS about any changes happening in your life You can also view letters sent from MDHHS in the last year about your case.

This makes it easy to download and print letters online if you misplaced the copy you got in the mail or need to share the letter.

If you sign up to receive text or email alerts wen you receive information from MDHHS.

So you can always stay on top of your benefits status, renewal, providing documents , and other case actions.

Another improved feature in MI Bridges is the ability to upload documents.

Navigate to the upload documents page to see documents that are required to process your case then snap a picture of your document on your mobile phone or choose a document you already have and upload it to MI Bridges.

Your caseworker will receive the document and continue processing your case.

if you need some extra help using MI Bridges, there are hundreds of community partners, trained as navigators and available to assist you across Michigan.

A navigator can help you apply apply for benefits, answer questions, and locate resources you can search for an access partner.

These partners have computers and internet available for public use.

You can use the find community partners option on the MI Bridges homepage to find navigation and access partners near you This video is just an introduction to MI Bridges.

If you are ready to see how MI Bridges can help you access benefits and community resources, go to www.


Gov/mibridges and get started today!.