Good afternoon and welcome to Highcliffe clothiers here at beautiful downtown Middleburg So one of the fun things about going to the races is that you can dress up differently than you would normally going to work.

and that means wearing a bow tie.

I am going to show you how to tie a bow tie.

Most bow ties are adjustable some times with a slider some with a couple of buttons You go around the neck you make a regular knot.

As you were tying a shoe lace.

and you are going to have a piece that comes over the top and the piece that is the bottom.

The bottom piece you fold so that the curve is right were this piece goes on you have a single and a double And when you have got that you have created a hole here.

So which ever side has the double that is the side that you push through that little hole It creates your bow loosely Done.

Now you need to tighten the bow.

And to tighten the bow this is where alot of men go wrong.

You need to tighten it by pulling the back of the front double and the front of the back double and it tightens it up and there you have a perfectly tied bow tie and you are going to look sharp at the races.