when I was diagnosed at the age of 12, the first question I asked was could I still play hockey? and the doctor looked at me and kind of laughed and said of course you can, do you know who Bobby Clarke was? And I had no idea.

A little bit embarrassed, but.

I did my research, and that's why I wore number 16, was because of Mr.

Clarke, and someone that's a legend in our game.

Just kind of the man, so I looked up to him, and I was like.

Jeez, like.


When someone says.

you can do something, and then when someone shows you you could do something, that's two very different things.

So, I saw he could do it, and I was like man, I thought about that guy every single day.

So I saw what he did for me, and now I'm just trying to do as much as I can, for whatever community it may be now.

I mean, life will throw some sort of challenges and some curveballs at you once in a while, but.

You're always measured by how you handle those curveballs thrown at you, so.

It's been a lot of fun.

Fun journey, and I've still got a long way to go, so.

I'm gonna continue to have that voice, and make the most of it.

This is Orion.

You guys met him before, but.

He's not exactly a guard dog, but.

Close enough to it, I guess.

Hey buddy? Say what's up!Okay, come here.

His collar now, is.

He's all Habs.

I think he wanted to show you guys his new little coat that we got him.

We haven't put it on yet, so we'll mess around with that.

What, buddy?Hey! Sit! Down.


It's like.

I don't even know if it's going to fit him.

We'll try it on after.

He is legit smarter than I am, again.

Does not say much, at all, but.


when he's on, he's.

I mean, obviously like this stuff's cool.

Like, I mean.

His ability to follow commands, and the fact he's always by my side is pretty special, but.

The coolest thing is the fact that he can detect my blood sugar, so.

How that works, is.

You actually give off a different scent in your saliva, based off of if your blood sugar is high or low.

And he was trained before he even met me, as a puppy.

after he got all the obedience stuff done, with that scent.

So how.

basically I know now, is just from different behavior.

So this thing right here.

It looks like a dog toy kind of thing, but I would wear it on my right hip if I was in public with him.

And he's always on my left hip.

So if I am low, or high.

He'll actually cut me off, because again, like, he's not supposed to break any rules and he always stays on the left hip.

If he cuts me off or acts differently at all, and grabs this.

He'll sit there and look at me, his mouth like that.

And I'll test my blood, and he's right legit like.


9% of the time.

There's so many variables in my life as.

as a diabetic.


if I'm sick.

if I have a lack of sleep, or I eat a different meal, or I eat too late, or something's different.

That'll throw off my blood sugar.

So routine is like everything for me.

Everything I do is like.

has to be boom, boom, boom.

So yeah, this is my blood sugar, and I'm 7.


Which is wheelhouse for post-workout.

And then, lactate is 8.

0, and it was 18.

8 at the end.

So like, again.

I mean, at the start we didn't have this kind of.

Like, these kind of results, but.

When I have this kind of stuff, I know I'm gonna recover well, versus if I were to go low, of course I can, I mean, bounce back from that.

Or high, same thing.

We'll find a way around it.

But like, this is like optimal.

Especially because I'm going to skate now.

So you need to have your blood sugar like, consistent.

So now I have to go refuel and eat, recover.

Get ready to go for the next workout, and.

Kind of on repeat, so.

That's how it works.




Okay! Yeah, 'Okay, come on, let me go!' And then like.

If you like.

Something like.

This is like, structured.

But then if I say 'free'.

Like, he'll just do whatever he wants.

Hey! You're free!Okay, you're good! Go! He loves to like, roll around, too.

I don't really like having him around other dogs, because.

So say like, if some dog were to like, attack him, because he's such a friendly dog.

He'll just kind of let a dog do whatever.

So as soon as that happens, like.


If any dog like, is aggressive, or any type of like.

I mean, bark or yap or bite, potentially.

That could ruin his training.

It could like, spook him a little bit.

So he's like, not supposed to be around other dogs, for that reason.

But he has been, and he's like, the most gentle dog in the world.

Hey bud! You have lots of friends? One more? And then we'll go home? Yeah.

You want dinner? You're so cute! Hey!Down.

Go get it!.